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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, Apr 14, 2006.

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    I was leaning on the counter and I got the sharpest pain in my abdomen. It is in the smae place that my gall bladder was when I still had it . So I laid down and found that when I gently pushed on that spot it felt like I had this hard lump and it worries me.

    I know that I have chronic meyofacial pain syndrome and I was wondering if I could have developed some scar tissue where mthe gaol bladder was. Is that possiable?

    AS of now I am fine adn can't find taht lump anymore but my ribsare really sore for haing costochrinditis again. It happena quit often to me for some strange resaon but it does not leav a KNOT that I can feeel where this pain was at.
    SoI am questiong if I could be geting some scar tissue that has grown in that spot?
    That might sound dumb but I still can feel the spoit that the scar tissure is built up form my hyerestectomy. I had the hyster in 1990.And about 4 years ago I could feell a bumb under the skin and had it checked my the doctor who that I could be debekloping some scar tissure.

    Could this behappening once more? I know that it soulds starnge and all but it has hppends to me.
    What should i do about it? I am getting concerned with this, do you think I could be having this function repeat again? I don't hurt right now and my tummy is fine but I am I going nuts too. I don't know what if going on with my body anymore and it does worry me that I could be groiwing thhhhem again. I am worried about it but I will survive? What do you think I should do a thing. I wonder if it is what it is and how toggei moving. I don't like to have more pain .
    Well I am going to bed now but I just had wanted to ask that qustioin. Do you think that the lumb could be comming , I donot waht to to think I am going to do? Rosemarie
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    got to your dr if you can to have it checked out better safe than sorry...who care if you feel over reactive...i would rather catch something in the early stages...


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