Feeling so BLAH Also Need To VENT

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Crispangel66, Mar 25, 2006.

  1. Crispangel66

    Crispangel66 New Member

    I am so achy and tired, I am not sure weather it is still from the trip I took to south Texas or from the weather changing.

    My arms and legs are hurting so much in the muscles.

    I have been sleeping almost all day every since I got home.

    I miss my daughter alot already. Sometimes I would just like to move to south Texas and live close to my daughter SIL and my dad and step mother. But I hate the thought of moving that far again.

    I wish I had never moved away from there.

    Me and my brother and sister in-law had a big falling out over when to come home. My sister in-law told me that their plan was to come home on the 21st or 22nd well after we got down there she said that wasn't what she had said.
    Since we were in my car she said well I guess we have to go back when she says to. I told them it was fine and we would stay later, with my heart problems I didn't want to argue with them.

    Well then my sister in-laws aunt started having problems and then my sister in-law wanted to come back when I had originally wanted to come home.

    Isn't it funny how peoples ideas change when it suits their needs.

    And then in front of my daughter she tried to make me and my husband look bad, well duh that is my daughter and she knew that my sister in-law was lying. in fact she was getting mad at my sister in-law especially for talking bad about my husband when he wasn't even there to defend himself.

    Well guess I better settle down about this and get over it, I have to live around them. But it is hard to do, I don't even want to see them.

    Need to take big deep cleansing breaths lol.

  2. claudiaw

    claudiaw New Member

    Hi, glad to see you are around.:) Sound's like you had a rough trip home.

    Relative's can't live with, can't live ( well maybe:) without them.:)

    Sorry you are missing your daughter. I am from Ca. and moved out to Nashville, 12 yrs. ago and still miss home.
    I'd move in a minute if we could afford it.
    I don't have family there, but friend's that are like family.

    ARe you getting anxious waiting on your hearing decision? I am, I want to know. I still wish I said some thing's differently and added other thing's. Oh well, what's done is done.:)

    I hope you are taking care of your self, especially if you have heart problems.

  3. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Well just sitting in the car plus the extra stressors etc. that will make you down and achey to be sure.

    Guess what fun job we are doing today? Putting new vinyl in the kitchen. I was determined to do this as the old floor got flooded last week and it was pergo so awful mess. Tiny kitchen.

    I am already suffering for it.

    Hope you start to feel well soon. Maybe it is worth considering moving closer to your family if it brings you more joy. We just moved back to be close to DH's, mine are 3,000 miles away across the big pond! No friends like old friends.

    Love Anne C and feel better sorry about that argument with homecoming dates, let it go now....
  4. Crispangel66

    Crispangel66 New Member

    for your responses. I am trying to get over these feeling I have b/c I have to live close to the ones who hurt me but I am having trouble.

    I also need to forgive them b/c my brother has grand mal seizures and he also has a thing in his brain called a venus angioma. It can be dangerous for him.

    But they were thoughtless in arguing with me over something like that with my heart being like it is. I have alot of tachycardia problems. My heart rate has at times gotten as high as 210. Once in the hospital it got so high that the nurse told me I would die if I didn't stop laughing.

    I even had to lay flat of my back and they had to put a cath in so I wouldn't have to get up and use the restroom. I gets really scary sometimes.

    My daughter got her feelings hurt too b/c she made her homemade enchiladas and spanish rice well I lost my appetiete and even thought I may throw up the lunch I had ate earlier.

    I can tell it may eat away at me for a while. I went to their house today and had to play nice but I think she can tell I am not completely over this.

    I just need to pray and ask God to help me to forgive them. But I am bad at holding grudges. Especially when you put down someone I love.

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