Feeling so great, then a flare -- dentist appointment gone bad.

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by elastigirl, Jan 4, 2006.

  1. elastigirl

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    I've been feeling really good and pain free since December 26th. I felt so good that -- silly me -- I skipped some of my supplements and vitamins -- for a few days, actually.

    Then Monday night, I noticed something was awry. It was hailing outside. I heard a loud 'crack' of thunder so loud, my house shook! Every muscle in my body tensed up, and I got an instant-headache, brainfreeze-style. Pain a la carte.

    Same thing happened on the road that night! Driving along, and opposing traffic slung a big sheet of water over our vehicle. The splash was so loud and visually shocking that my body locked up again, repeat of instant headache. I was getting nervous: Dentist appointment in two days.

    Then my mother came into town with virtually no warning. Had to trash my list of 'very important things to get done before the big, bad dental appointment,' in order to entertain her. My nerves were shot, and I forgot to take any supplements or minerals at all that day! (Except Calcium Pyruvate -- can't live without that.)

    Then switched to a new prescription last night. Very nervous about that, too. Plus so nervous about dental appointment that I can't sleep. I was up till 4am this morning. I woke at 10:30am, and something told me, 'Cancel, cancel, cancel! NOT today!' but it took me four months to get this appointment, so I didn't.

    I was so nerved up from getting no sleep and rushing my son off to school that I forgot to take my supplements & minerals -- again! Rushed to dental appointment -- what a nightmare!

    I went in to get a crown. They numb my mouth; ouch, it didn't take! They numb me again; ouch, that still didn't take! They numb me some more. Okay, it still hurts, but not so bad that I'll scream. So they go forward with the procedure. (I've been in that scary chair for over an hour, and they're JUST starting the procedure thanks to my numb-resistant mouth.)

    I was so anxious, my mouth would go too dry, then too moist, then too dry. Then my sinuses would drain, and I'd have to swallow. It looked like they wouldn't get anything done at all today, but then I started to calm down and the anxiety passed a bit.

    Here's the nightmare: They removed the filling and found out I had a "bubbly," inflamed nerve hiding in there! This had not shown up on the x-ray. NOW they tell me I'll need to schedule a ROOT CANAL. NOT covered by my dental clinic at all. Ugh!! So they remove the filling and replace it with a 'sedative' temporary filling.

    Then they send me off with an antibiotic rx and an rx for 600mg of Ibuprofen. I did notice that the assistant had asked twice, "You just want her to have ibuprofin then?" This made me nervous! But my mouth was so numb, I did not sound a protest.

    Got home, got my son back, then my mouth starts to unfreeze. The pain! The pain! came in blinding waves. I was in soo much pain, it was on par to labor. I had already taken 1 of the Ibuprofens, but even after an hour, it did nothing. So I had to take another -- but that still didn't help!

    I was in so much pain, I could not put my son in his pajamas. I just took off his jeans, had him pull on sweatpants, and told him to go to sleep. He even asked if he could brush his teeth. (The irony!) I said I wished he could, but Mommy was in too much pain to help him tonight. (I said we would do it first thing in the morning.)

    The pain was SO awful! My whole body was going bezerk. I finally had to do the thing I only do in unusual dental pain emergencies -- have a wine cooler. For some reason, this helps my pain reliever kick in. I know this is dangerous, and I don't recommend it, but it was only 5% alcohol, just enough to get things rolling in the pain relief department.

    An HOUR later, the pain started to subside. Oh, man, just when you think you're getting ahead, a flare! Isn't that always the way?

    I actually wrote in my journal, "I'm about to run in the streets screaming for someone to please run me over!" (No, I'm not suicidal, I swear it, but the pain was that rocking and rolling back-and-forth "OMG, when will it ever end," kind of pain.) I can barely read my handwriting from that entry.

    Well, this was a book, but I'm getting so, so, so phobic about seeing a dentist. And they want to do SO much more work. (Not only the root canal, but filling cavaties and making a bridge for an extraction.) Ugh!

    I seriously want an "EASY button," for my dentist visits. Right now, I'm just dreading when the Ibuprofen wears off. I'm not ready for round two of pain a la carte, not by a long shot.
  2. angeljoe

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    I just wrote in a post the other day how I have dentist phobia. I just stress out from the appointment alone. Then when the dentist gets involved I go into a major flare. I hope you don't run in the street and get ran over. I wish I had an EASY button too. It seems like everything is difficult in my life. I'm not even sure if its me making things so hard or I'm just going with the flow. I hope you start to feel better soon.
  3. lenasvn

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    I wish I could take over some of your dentist problems. I am SO relaxed with dental stuff that I go to sleep in the chair. The only thing I get iffy about is the shot, silly huh? I have done wake dental surgery, pulled teeth that wouldn't come out easily, and root canals while half asleep. I think it's just my fatigue in general, and dental visits is the only time I EVER have away from my kids. I bring them everywhere else, includic doc. appts. The dentist found the infection in your tooth. That is why the shot didn't take, it never really does if you have an infection (dental). If he had known, he would have prepped you with antibiotics to make sure the infection would have been gone before he started the work. I hope your day tomorrow will be better!
  4. Toga

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    I wont go to a dentist that doesn't offer Nitros Oxide. They give you this gas first bfore they come at you with that enourmous needle.

    You still feel all the pushing and twisting and grinding and scraping and awful sounds but you don't care. It is like you're a little drunk.

    It goes away as soon as they take the mask off. I don't get as much residual pain either this way.

    I've had some awful things at the dentist's office beginning with childhood so I'm careful now.

    I don't dread it quite as much as I used to but its not mhy idea of a pleasant excursion.

  5. Smiffy

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    Hope you feel a little better now. I've had such trouble with my teeth over the years, & with the after effects of the anaesthetic, that I now insist on having teeth extracted instead of root canal filled.
  6. elastigirl

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    I had small waves of pain last night, but I woke up this morning virtually pain-free, possibly due to my new prescription Trazodone? The pain is coming back a little, so I'm going to take a pre-emptive ibuprofin.

    The crazy thing about my dental clinic is that they don't do root canals. So I have to pay $1K out of pocket to have one done. OR get an extraction, and follow-up with a bridge. The extraction is 100% covered, and the bridge is 100% covered except for a $150 lab free per tooth. So it would cost me just $450 to get an extraction and a bridge. But my dentist doesn't want me to do that. She wants me to keep the tooth.

    I have to wonder, what's so wrong with a bridge? My teeth are so sensitive and painful, I sometimes want to have them all yanked out and replaced with dentures. Ugh.
  7. minimonkey

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    Oh I hear you!!! I just had a root canal done -- still not finished actually. Between the pain from the inflamed nerve and the flare it sent me into, I felt like I was going to die!

    I must say, though -- now that the root canals are filled, the tooth feels much, much better! Now if the neck and back pain from the CMP would just let up....
  8. tandy

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    and NOT happy ":(

    I had the same freakin thing happen last week!!!
    Its nuts! and oh My God the pain is horrible!!
    My whole side of my face swelled right up.
    Read my post on bad root canal. I think I posted it last week. I don't know anything anymore.Its been a crazy flare up week!! I feel for ya~
    and I'm just as scared about going back to the dentist.

    I was finally given Lortab for pain by the ER.
    They did help~
    antibiotics is a must too!
    Best of Luck
    feel better :)
  9. gypsysoul

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    for ya. All my major pain started during dental work. My life has been a living hell because of it. Iam in a bad flare right now, or I could scare you to death with my stories. Just know, we are all here for you.

  10. darude

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    Have the tooth removed. Root canals can cause our illness. I have five and am having all five teeth removed!!!!!!I will ost an aticle on root canals and illness.