Feeling so low, support wanted.

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by severina, Feb 13, 2007.

  1. severina

    severina New Member

    I havent posted in a while, but Ive tried to get online as much as possible to keep up to date with everyones posts.
    I am due to see my doctor tomorrow, for my 4-weekly review.
    She is starting me on new anti-depressants, I am very depressed, mainly coz I am so ill! Also other issues at home are affecting me.
    I have just had a very bad sinus infection, which has gone into my chest, plus I have a 4 year old running around and I feel like I cant cope anymore.
    Ive had my routine tests done again and they are all negative. Ive been sweating, nauseous for ages now and my pain has got so much worse. I am on Lyrica as well. I am worried because Im now finding I cannot walk very far or I feel like Im dying and I dont want to be this way coz I have a young son who is so full of life, I feel like Im letting him down.
    My doctor is very good, but I just feel like its the same old, same old when I go- I know theres no miracle, I guess Im just wanting some support. thanks.
  2. lookingoutthewindow

    lookingoutthewindow New Member

    I feel you pain and dispair. Cheer up!!! You are doing all you can do. I too have a problem accepting my limitations, but that doesn't change them. I have an emotional prego daughter with me expecting my first grandchild. I am not much support and she is beginning to understand my limitations. I found the harder I push myself the sicker I get. When I am so low, I am of no use to anyone and a burden to myself. Take a moment for a hot bath, maybe a manicure and your favorite meal. You have to treat yourself kindly. Remember others can't possibly understand when you can't comprehend yourself. Treat yourself good!!! Set the bar!!! Happy Valentine's Day!!! Your a wonderful mother!!!
  3. lookingoutthewindow

    lookingoutthewindow New Member


  4. suzette1954

    suzette1954 New Member

    like you are these days. Im on so many anti-depressants, I dont even want to go there. One of the best things Ive done is to see a psycologist. He really helps me. He actually talks with me instead of just listening. He has helped me to see that even though the life I knew is gone, Ive started a different(not bad) but different from what I had.

    Your son is beautiful. I see that beautiful redhair and I can just imagine that he keeps you on your toes. Im sorry this terrible disease hit you so early in your life. I would change that for you if I could. I get dizzy and had to get a cane and also a handicap license plate.

    I will pray for you sweet girl. Some days I have the nausea and I have a prescription for a anti nausea pill that helps on those days. Dont forget. We understand and there is always someone here to listen and try to give advice to you. There are also alot of young mothers and maybe they will see your post and be able to help.

    Happy Valentines day(do you have it in Irland)

  5. pearls

    pearls New Member

    We're here for you, Severina. You've already been given some great advice. Pace and pamper yourself. You can only do your best, which is a lot more than you think!

    As to ginger, try some ginger tea. Buy a piece of ginger root, peel enough to make a few coin-sized pieces, and boil it in water for about ten minutes. It helps with nausea, too.

    My best to you,
    Pearl S.
  6. bewell4

    bewell4 New Member

    I want to make sure I understand, before I reply...you are seeing your doctor soon; do you know or fear that the appt will be physically/emotionally exhausting? like, just making it out to the dr.? or, having to face wanting to be well and instead a dr. who can't offer you real help? not trying to be negative...just trying to clarify.
    sinus infection...ugh!! i imagine you must be feeling so exhausted and ill?? i had one of those, and it's funny almost..i feel so sick all the time, doesn't seem like it could get worse..ha!

    (if i am not understanding your situation, please feel free to clarify)

    my naturopath suggested neti pot (nasal rinse) with sea salt (non iodized) and goldenseal (check with your doctor about the amount, i've forgotten) something like once every couple hours (check! i don't want you hurting yourself) and to take vit c every hour (please check before you do this! i am operating in the brain fog...!) but this did help me. i know, (for me) the problem is getting the time to do that in between entertaining the 4 yr old, getting everyone fed and dressed, etc...

    do what you can. i believe that sleep is the first line of defense. i know, that may seem like a cruel joke..but just do what you can. next, eat well. ditto as above, ...

    if you cant do the whole neti pot ordeal, can you take extra showers? hot showers with the fan off so you breathe the steam? or have someone boil you a pot of water and put fresh rosemary or thyme (do you have these close by?) then sit with a towel over your head and breathe in the steam.

    i know, most of this advice is probably not what you needed...at least, i hope you can hear the caring and the sympathy in it.

    i have a 4 yr old, myself, and parenting has been the roller coaster from hell. i love him dearly, and i can barely take care of myself..in fact, i can't take care of myself adequately, because i must* respond to his needs. and i can't be the mother i so want to be. it kills me!!!!

    okay, so ...this has helped me before, sometimes: think about what you do* have that you wouldn't have if you were "healthy". i know that i surely would be working full time, so my son has more of my time. our lives are slower, because i can't join the rat race and drive him around to a new activity every day- swimming, karate, sports, whatever ...there are tons or articles saying how over scheduled kids and parents are today: at least we don't have that problem!

    you live in ireland? i have a friend from there, and it seems that community is tight knit? i hope you have the possibility of asking for support?

    sometimes i forget, myself, so in case this rings true to you- i will remind you: parenting itself is a huge amount of work. being chronically ill is also. it takes courage and energy and emotional resources to go to the doctor (yes?). having a sinus infection...(garbled screaming and muttering here. lol)- please do get as much help as you can, and take it very gently on yourself! i am guessing you need rest, and love, and support, and maybe some appreciation in there too!

    be well!
  7. kvrose48

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    I was on Lyrica for a short time and found it made me feel like a Zombie. Has your depression worsened since being on Lyrica? I had to stop it.
    My Primary MD recommended two books for me and they have been so very helpful in gaining hope and direction:

    1. FULL CATASTROPHE LIVING by Jon Cabot-Zinn
    2. KITCHEN TABLE WISDOM by RachenRemen- she is a doctor with a life threatening chronic illness.

    God has a plan for you and you will find your way!
  8. sascha

    sascha Member

    of being so ill. i cannot imagine caring for a young child while going through, in my case, CFIDS illness.my sons were adults by the time i came down with CFIDS.

    but as for the tests- when i first started investigating what was wrong with me (i was very sick with long list of bad symptoms i'd cycle through), my primary care physician couldn't find anything wrong. well, low thyroid. but after being on medication for that, my symptoms didn't get any better.

    i finally went to an alternative medical practice, had lots of testing done, and all sorts of things were found to be way out of whack (that's not the medical jargon). it did vindicate to me that i was really ill, but also pointed up fact that regular MDs aren't on top of certain illnesses yet.

    i suggest you search for a specialist- go online- find resources for what you have- ask around.

    for me, a dietary approach helps enormously. i had to make up my mind to do it consistently. it's no carb (carbs only from low-glycemic fruits and vegetables). i've heard that for FM, a no-carb way of eating can be very helpful. there's a lot of good food that doesn't have carbs in it!

    best of luck to you- it's a constant quest to find ways to get better. hope you can and will get better! Sascha
  9. mujuer

    mujuer New Member

    I can't imagine what it must be like to have this and to be raising a child. I was an empty nester by the time it hit me. I hope that you get some relief from your dr. I have alot of friends and family that fight depression and they have all had really great results with Cymbalta. One of my friends who has had a stroke is on Cymbalta augmented with Wellbuterin and she is really doing good. She has been hospitalized four times with depression. Your little man sounds like he is old enough to maybe attend pre-school a few times a week. That might give you a much needed break and he would have others at his age and energy to play with. Just a suggestion though. I pray that you find some peace soon. Come here everyday if you need to. We all feel your pain.
  10. momof471

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    I have four girls, I spend lots of time wondering how I'm affecting them by having FM. You know though they are a blessing to me, because otherwise, I would really have no reason to get out of bed and live life. There are so many times I have to say no, not today, when they want to go somewhere. They know what our priorities are and then anything else gets worked in around those, they know I only schedule so much to be doing per week( not much at all. Unfortunately, like last night I could not take them to their youth groups at church. Then I'll pull out a book, or a Dvd, or try to play a game with them, or simply be there for them to talk too. I tink this illness has brought me closer to my children truth be told. The depression is hard, I know. The noise children can make sometimes drives me batty, I'm always saying shhh! It can be worked around and children can be very accepting of your limitations. Your son is a beautiful little blessing! Try not to be so down on yourself, think of things you can do with him that do not require all of that energy. Coloring, reading, watching a dvd, while you catch a nap. Talk to him, they understand more than you think. If you aren't happy with your doc try to find one that is more understanding. Ihope you get through this difficult period of being sick soon, I know that makes things worse.

    God Bless

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