Feeling so tired today, I am coughing and just don't feel

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    Ok who sent that darn mack truck out again? I feel like I have been hit several times , ran over and over again. My chest is hurting when I take a breath. Talked with dcotor who gave me some great advise {" So don't take a deep breath, or don't breathe and you won't hurt so much"} HA HA so funny these doctors are.

    I am still worried about my oldest daughter who is possiably having a misscarraige today. This is would have been her first baby, and she is taking this so hard . I know that if she is losing the baby she will not try again for a long long long time. She believes that if this happens once it will keep on happening again. So why put your self threw all of the emotional and phyical pain.

    I really don't think that she will ever try again to have a baby. It is so sad as she will be a great mother. She has been threw so much in her life and has been acting like she too has fibro but she does not believe in it really.

    This is so hard for all the family as my youngest daughter is expecitng her second baby in Jan. if she makes it that long. So for my oldest daughter life does not seem fair , how can her baby sister get pregnant so easily and not have any problems with the preganacy?
    My oldest has had horriable periods that have lasted for up to 10 days and only went to 7 days on birth control pills.

    Lately the pills are making her sick so she has stopped taking them and said what happens happends. But miscarraige was not on the list of things that could happen.
    My other girls { I have 3 in all, 22, 25, & 29} oldest and youngest are married middle one has just moved home from being a nanny for the past 5 years. All the girls have had bad cramps and some form of female problems as well.

    I am so worried about my oldest odaughter as I know just how much she really wants this baby It is just breaking my heart to see her hurting and not be able to do any thing. I can't hug her or talk about it or do any of the things moms want to do to offer comfort for their kids.

    I don't want to be pushy and bug her about this and I don't want to not be here when she wants to discuss this with me. I have never been threw wheat she is going threw. So I don't have a clue as to how she feels emotionally and phyically.

    Then add the fact that I don't feel so great and my doctors are not in today and I don't have the money for a co-pay right now. So I can't find out if what I have is bad or not.

    I just know that I am fighting to keep my eye's open while I am typing this post. MY chest hurts adn it is hard to breathe and I am just so tired that I can't think straight now. So I am going to give up on the thinking part and lay down and hopefully get some rest. Before I have to take my MOm up town to do some shopping for my sister, for christams.

    She has not answered her phone for days now and has not talked to any one but my middle daughter. So mom wants to give her food so that there will be something in the house for the kids to eat, because if you give her "MONEY" it will be spent on everything but food.
    Thanks for letting me vent and whine.
    Many HUGS TO ALL,

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