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    my feet swell off and on. so sick of it went to dr and blood test for uric acid was a 10 and and 8 is high. so now she wants me on a med for gout.

    i hate meds. im overweight but dont drink or eat much meat. im more worried about uric acid causing heart disease.

    oh well i thought id be happy to have soethhing treatable. i done whining. love gail
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    You're entitled to feel sorry for yourself once in awhile and it's okay to whine. I remember when my chiropractor told me several years ago that my ileocecal valve was getting stuck open and that's why I was feeling so sick (s**t was literally backing up into my body, poisoning me) - I wanted to scream. One more weird thing going wrong with me! Something I'd never even heard of to boot. He was able to help me, and also I was under severe stress at the time which I think caused the problem.

    Anyways, now that you've got it out of your system, why don't you do some research about diet and gout, and supplements. I just read something about drinking a lot of water daily helping to prevent gout. There may be other ways to deal with this without the med (or maybe less of it). Here's one site I found:
    http://www.health911.com/gout that seems to have a lot of good suggestions.

    Take care -


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    that valve thing sounds horrible. i am gonna research more on this. drink a lot of water. if the meds helps so be it. thank you so much. love gail
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    The stuck ileocecal valve does sound horrible, but it was amazingly easy to treat. I had gone to my regular doctor complaining of feeling sick, fluish and a dull pain in my lower right side. He did a barium enema, found nothing and sent me home. I went to my chiro who does muscle testing and he immediately found the stuck ileocecal valve. The treatment? He pressed gently on my side in that area to close it (using muscle testing to verify when it was done) and within a few hours my symptoms subsided. It recurred a number of times but I learned to press on my side and fix it myself. It eventually stopped happening when the source of my severe stress was removed (living with my to-be-ex-husband, could not afford two places at that time). My chiro helped me so much with so many things (after first getting no help from the docs), I would have been lost without him.

    Good luck to you!

    Best wishes,

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    I wanted to pass along this info from a Dr's Blog...


    Many people with CFS or FM diagnoses later found out they had lyme, a complex bacterial infection.

    In the Dr's blog, he talks about a patient who was Dx with gout at first, but it looks like the real problem could be lyme.

    He says the only way to confirm gout is to analyze the joint fluid for the presence of uric acid crystals.

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    wow glad your chiro could fix that so easily. ive gone to chiros for 30 odd years. now i have 1 that is a family friend but i put off going because of energy.im feeling better the swelling is almost gone. thanks for info.love gail

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    i was tested for lyme 10 yrs ago and it was neg but back then i didnt even ask what test so now when i have the money i gonna get it again with igenex. i have all the sympton except never bullseye.

    i cant even remember when ive taken an antibiotic. i said to dr i feel like i need big dose of antibiotic she said they dont treat lyme with antibiotics. i lost faith that day. i just go and get my tramadol and ambien.

    geez didnt know they needed joint fluid to amalze they just took blood. nurse said mine was a 10 and 8 was considered high. thx love gail
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    my husband had gout last yr,went to the Dr & they gave him meds, the meds made him sick,then someone told us for my husband to eat dark cherries,start with 12 @ day and then less by1 everyday after. it cleared up in about a week.good Luck. Sixtyslady