Feeling stiffer after weather change, also itch too

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    When the weather changes my body informs me with more pain. Now it has added stiffness as well. We have not had the hard freeze that we get in Utah we are low on H2O {water} . We have had a few storms that have rained or snowed. The few storms we have had have been changes in weather patterns high pressure zones ect. That is where we are at now. I am so tired of this feeling that I have worked out and over done it as my body is so stiff and creaky. My fingers, knee's, down to my ankles feel rather rusty as the month is ending.

    I find my self feeling tired , stiff and hurting more this year than in the past, I don't know if it is due to the stress of caring for my mother who has been ill for the past few years. She has been so close to death that I felt like I had to be ready for that asap if you can be. So I tightened up my muscles with this stress I feel.

    Mom has not been to the ER in months {knock on wood} but I can't relax and let my gaurd down. I guess I think that if I am not stressed worried all the time some thing will happen and I will not be able to deal with it.
    But the way I feel now if she were to get worse I could not deal with it either as I hurt so much all the time.

    I don't know how to make me relax , I am the only person who helps her, I help her with baths, driving her to the doctors, stores, getting perscriptions, reading all her insurance mail and explaining it to her. No one else will do this for her. So I am dealing with her daily, she knows that I am in pain and stressed. But she does not understand that when I don't feel well from fatique, added pain, or illness, and flares, I need to stop what I am doing and rest

    I have had a hard dry cough for the past month and sunday I felt rotten and wanted to just sleep as I had been up all night. Mom wanted to attend church and I didn't want to go but I could not tell her to find some one else to drive her there as I am the one with her car. I know that if I tell her that she will tell me to bring the car home and then she will have a doctors appointment and I will have to walk over to get it and her. So it is dumb to bring it back to her and I sometimes get the feeling that if the car was sitting at the house she would try to drive it.

    She tells me that she is going to drive again but she can't see well enough to read the road signs, she is too weak to push in the clutch,and just stobbon enough that she would try to drive it. She has lost her drivers liencse but I don't think thnat would stop her. Her doctor has not told her that she can't drive so if I don't do as she commands then she could do some thing really dumb. I really don't want to have to treat her like a child and hide the keys so that she can't go any where.

    I got up long enough to drive her to the meeting and I came home for a hour, then drove back and brought her home again. Then I came home and slept too long so once more I didn't sleep at night.
    Tonight I am stiff, achey, I find my self clenching my jaws together and my muslece are so tight feeling, my ribs hurt when I breathe, and I really don't feel good. But I don't know what to do. My doctor tells me to take it easy and rest but I don't get the rest when i need it the most.

    My joints have been hurting more , the left wrist hurts to the touch all the time and when I use it. I shattered it and broke the radius just over 4 yrs ago. So I know why I have more pain there, it also has a titaium plate and 6 screws holding the wrist together. I can feel teh screws adn the plate and have gone to the ortho about it. HE says that we can "remove the plate and screws and it may feel better" Yeh and having surgery is only going to add to the pain yes the plate and screws will be gone but I still have to recover from the surgery to remove them. So what is the point? Either way I am in pain all the time.

    I need to have both knees replaced as well but I don't want any surgery at this time. I am 52 and that is too young to have them replaced. I don't want to have to redo them in 20 years at 72.

    Well I am done whining about this. I needed to vent how I feel, since my family does not tihink i have any real reason to be in pain all the time and they are bugging me about the amount of medications {morphine} I take. Four years ago I was taking 2x -3x the amount I take now. BUt no one seems to notice that factI have noticed that I itch alot since the weather is dryer since we have not had any rain for a long time. I hvae been usuing lotions but it is not helping much , well that is just some thing else to deal with.
    Sorry about all the moaning.
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    I'm sorry you are in such pain. Yes the weather affects me also.Look at my profile. I haven't found anything to help with the pain.
    The added stress that you have doesn't help,I'm sure you know that.Can your Dr. help you with the stress? Your body and mind are being worn down!
    Is there not someone in your family who can help with your mom? You can't do this alone. How about a church member? Or maybe your church can direct you to someone who can relieve you,so you can have some time for yourself.
    I'm with you, if your mom can't see to drive,she does not need her car there. It would be to tempting for her to take off in it. Even though she knows she does not have a license anymore. I'm sure it is hard for her to except it, but for her safety and everyone else's it's the smart thing to do.
    It is really hard on even a healthy person to take care of someone by themselves. You need help. Call a family meeting and everyone set up days and times to relieve each other.
    I also know the pain you speak of in your wrist. Mine is in my neck. I have 3 titanium plates and 8 screws holding it together. They will never be taken out. The only thing that helps that pain is ice packs. I am told to only have the ice packs on for 20 min. at a time, but that doesn't get it for me. I've kept it on all night for relief. Have you tried a epsom salt soak, if not give it a try. I get the water as hot as I can stand it, and just soak. Sometimes it helps,sometimes not.
    You can moan and whine anytime you need to here. We are here for you. Gentle Hugs, Robin

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