feeling stupid and impatient

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by sami, Nov 14, 2005.

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    i am sorry from the bottom of my heart to all of you that answered me and those that did not....i had no idea i could check the answers to my posta by going to my profile...i am constantly scrolling thru the posts!!!!!

    i read all the instructions in the beginning but who can remember it all....i too have gotten a ton of knowledge from this board just by reading what everyone writes in...and i don,t answer them all either!!! so i am guilty......i will stay and learn, and try to contribute as much as possible.....i never filled out my profile because i didn't think anyone reads it or if they do, that it mattered....i do so appreciate all of you...and i know what it is to have this dd...and the awful dragon reared its ugly head again...we all go thru times that are bad and sad and mad......and i am now GLAD to have all of you...try and understand the hurt though when you think noone in the whole wide world is listening to you....i have a wonderful sweetie but even he needs a break from this dd sometimes...i have been in bed so long recently, and had been out....just need to push myself mentally if i can..i never want a pity party, none of us do!!!!!sooooooooothanks to all of you...you are my FMily!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Yes, if you have a particular question then make your own post so everyone can read it.

    You'll get the hang of this board in no time.

  3. sami

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    thank you all.....
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    I would love to put a pic on my profile I just have not taken the time. Augh!!!!

    Hope your feeling better:)

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    Life is difficult, not fair and sometimes a real bear when you have a great deal of pain and all the unwanted emotions that can accompany this FM business.

    I'm 58 and "retired". Thank goodness I'm fortunate to have a fantastic husband. We aren't well off, but our kitties are our babies now and we enjoy them a lot. I know about having children turned against you because my two youngest haven't spoken to me for eight months. From what I gather it is because of issues in their childhood. They were well taken care of so I know that is B.S. Oh, and yeah, I want everyone to feel sorry for me. What I was trying to get across to them is that I have trouble "keeping up" sometimes, socially especially. Just don't have the energy that's needed when I feel lousy.

    This is a great place to just throw out our feelings and frustrations because other people who have been there do understand more than the average person.

    For instance, I can tell already that today is going to pretty challenging pain-wise. All I did was rake up some leaves yesterday and am paying today. That makes me very frustrated. I was in a sports store the other day and thought to myself: "wow, I sure would like to be able to snowboard". In my next life, I guess.
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    glad your sticking around!! I think we all go through our donw days.. but you are never alone Sami..
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    I sometimes feel as if I am living on a deserted island!

    Yet I do have some loving folks in my life and much to be thankful for. Just can not do as I wish, but you know what I mean.

    This board is great as you can open up your feelings like this. Helps us cope with the outside world also.

  8. kalley167

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    I am glad you decided to hang in there. I understand how you feel. This dx makes us feel isolated in a sense as most non Fmers understand. And besides we don't look sick so they don't think we are. But we have to be strong and stick together.
  9. sami

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    i can not get rolling today...
    have pt in 2 hours and want to cancel..i have it 2x per week and always cancel one...they probably hate me there...but i have to get up shower, wash my hair, throw some makeup on to look human and drive 15 min to get there...get a great massage and workout there but I AM TOO TIRED!!!!yikes should i call and cancel or bite the damn bullet and go.......
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    hi Sami. Im glad you read the posts and took them in a good spirit. Im glad your staying. sending you a big hug and hope your feeling better soon
  12. abbylee

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    You already feel enough without feeling stupid and impatient so for Heaven's sake let that go. You've figured things out now, so go forward from here just reading and writing as we need to hear about you, too.

    We all have common things and uncommon things which is what makes this group so special. Forget the past and let's get to the future.

    And what's this about no pity parties? We all have pity parties here from time to time. I had one here a while ago and lots of people came. I can't remember when it was, but it was a Friday night when I was really down, so I came right on this board and announced that I was having a pity party and all were welcome. We had a blast trying to out-complain one another, so you need to lighten up on the pity party thing or I'll fuss. And ask my kids - you don't want me to fuss!!

    So limber up those fingers and have at it.

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    Love, Mikie