feeling terrible ,so sad and tired

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by danisue22, Jan 11, 2003.

  1. danisue22

    danisue22 New Member

    Hi everyone,I don't know if I should be writing , crying, or trying to rest. But I can't stop crying or feeling sad. If I lay down to rest I'm in such pain that I can't lay there.Can't lay still and can hardly move so I got up to write.Maybe getting it off my chest will relive some of the presure and I'll relaxe.I hate this D.. desease.I'm so tired of being sick and tired. I would like just one day or two that I could say I felt like a real person instead of pretending to be one..I started babysitting the day after new years .Kids are 2that are 8 yrs old 1 -6 yr old and a 3 yr old . I'm there 10-11 hours a day. Iguess that says it all.I read a post the other day about working and thought if they only knew how bad we feel and how we try to keep going just to survive they may see it in a different light.I don't get paid alot but they do buy my cat food ,t.paper, paper towels ect. I could'nt find the bobbin holders to my sewing machine so I just started crying ,I felt so stupid and I wish I'd stop bursting into tears over such minor things but I'm so sick of losing things and forgetting where I put them. I've tried writing where I put them down but then I forget where I put that.the pain has been unbearable today.I took a nap but that did'nt help at all.my feet are hurting so bad I can hardly walk and I feel like throwing in the towel....God bless you all Danisue

    HURTSALOT2 New Member

    Hi Danisue22,
    I do wish for you to feel better tomorrow. If you are like me I never have what I call great days anymore. I never feel like I use to. Maybe today was just one of your bad days. I too, forget where I put things, forget if I told someone something. I know it is hard on us, but don't throw in the towel.
    I read your profile you have a nice size family. I have three grown children and three granddaughters. I attended my sons graduation in Ill. He is in the Navy. As we walked along the navy pier I admired the beautiful blue water. I wish our lakes were so blue. By the way I too like to sew and my hands hurt so much sometimes I can't. One thing I hate is that I can no longer pick up my sweet little 20 month old granddaughter. Take care.
  3. danisue22

    danisue22 New Member

    thank you for such a beautiful and caring reply. I know it 's a bad day and I know that it's probably my own fault for over doing but that does'nt change the pain .thank you so much .Do you live in or near chicago ? I live in Mich city Indiana .My E. mail is Godschild 592002@yahoo.com. If you'd ever like to get together I could take the train in.thanks again for your caring concern. God Bless Danisue
  4. tandy

    tandy New Member

    Sweetie there are many days that I would love to throw in the towel too!!!you are not alone there!!! But you have alot to be here for!!!I know that the bad days of so much pain are to many~Please stop and take care of you!rest,take a nap,try the epsom salt baths before bed!!they really help~ I have had this FM crap for 10 yrs now,I'm going to be 40 in a couple weeks~It sure feels like i've had this for alot longer!! And I can't imagine having this as an elderly.But I will and I will try my best! thats all we can do right? I forget things all the time too.I have to write a list of things to do and check them off as I get to them...if I get to them! Other wise I would forget appointments,to get grocerys,to get refills,etc. I am here for you!!I feel terrible when I see somebody having a hard time with this DD!! Its the pits!but ya know what???it could be worse~ I try to think of people in much worse shape with illnesses,and sadness- and I get a lump in my throat!!and I am grateful for what I have.I may hurt but we can do this!! Please.....on these tougher than normal days,take a break from all the housework and do something that makes you feel good!!(the housework will wait for you!!sad to say~lol) We have to be tough,and will!!
    I would be more than happy to give you my e-mail addy.Just ask b/c I won't put it in my profile.....ya never know what kind of weirdo's might get it!!
    Keep your chin up!!! And God bless you!!
  5. danisue22

    danisue22 New Member

    Hi , Well you can tell by my post can't remember very long.I don't know what b/c is to get your E.mail . Would love to write you. God Bless Danisue
  6. tandy

    tandy New Member

    thanks for the chuckle!!! I laughed because i'm the dummy that asumes that everyone knows my computer lingo!
    b/c stands for because~ I'm sorry I confused you!!
    I will use your e-mail that you wrote up top.I'll try to get back to you tomorrow.then you'll have my address ok?
    Rest.......and have a good night,try a hot bath&sleep well~
  7. selma

    selma New Member

    I'm praying for you. Ask your Drs. to help you with meds that will help you. No throwing towels please.
  8. danisue22

    danisue22 New Member

    Thanks everyone for your care and concern. It means so much and nice to have a safe place to come to .Tomorrow it will be back to the babysitting and a happy face no matter what. The kids deserve to have a pleasent person around them.I still have to finish the dishes and change the kitty litter and then it;s a bath and back to bed.Pain is better but the mood thing is'nt much better yet. I would never throw in the towel ,just have those "take be out behind the barn and shoot me days" LOL. Thanks again .for all of you.
    ........................God Bless Danisue.

    HURTSALOT2 New Member

    Hi Danisue, I guess we all have our good and bad days. It just seems like most of them are bad lately. Never heard that expression of take me out behind the barn and shoot me, it is cute. Try to get a good nights rest as you will need it for tomorrow. I just love to watch children play. When my little 20 month old granddaughter is here I could sit and watch her for hours. She is such a good little girl and her smiling face keeps me going. Take care.
    PS I sent you an email to your yahoo address.
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  10. Shonnette

    Shonnette New Member

    I have been feeling so bad and just sick of feeling so bad. I use to be able to do so much and now I can't do anything. I use to have a life and now I cannot focus on anything but this illness.I will pray for everyone tonight I hope the lord is listening
  11. achy

    achy New Member

    I too am in a deep depression so I cannot offer many words of wisdom...but I can tell you I understand. It will get better, eventually. Just wanted you to know your not alone.

    Warm Fuzzies

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