Feeling very down about things. I had a few dayd last week that

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    I felt pretty good. Those days are long gone and I am back to hurting really bad.

    I see the pain managment doc today, my long awaited appointment is finally here.

    Not sure what is going on with John but he is acting strange. I can feel this distance between us and that is scaring me. When I mentioned it, I got the impression he DID NOT want to talk about it.

    I talked with my sister last night and I don't know what is up with her either. Prior to last night she had been very supportive. She asked me exactly where do you hurt and I began listing off all the areas where I hurt. She then goes on to tell me, I feel like that everyday of my life but thought it was just part of getting older and being overweight. She then goes on to tell me about a couple of people who have this DD and as she puts it, they work every day and don't seem to have all that much problem.

    So I am not sure what is going on with my sister or with John. All of a sudden, I feel very alone in this.