Feeling weird electric zapping through my body

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    Oh my gosh sometimes I don't even want to ask what is next with these illnesses. I have CFS/FM, IBS and Depression. Lately for the last few days or so I have been experiencing this weird zapping, of like an electrical shock throughout my whole body, it mostly affects my head and neck, and then I feel dizzy and like I am about to faint and fall. It just comes out of nowhere and I feel like this shock or current going through me.

    A little background of me, over the last few weeks I have been on the Fentalyn patch and I recently stopped taking it because the side effects were just the worst things to experience and I took myself off of it.It made my IBS flare up badly to the point that I was having trouble swallowing and keeping food down. There is no way to wean yourself off of the patch, so I just removed it. I had already been weaning myself off of Zoloft and now no longer take it, and now the only med that I take when I am having anxiety problems is Xanax. For sleep I now take Melantonin only, and no meds.

    In the past I have experienced it and then it went away and that was several months ago and now it is back, and has not gone away.

    Now how do I get rid of these zapping electrical shock/currents experiences? I work out daily either through Yoga or using my exercise ball and that makes it worse sometimes. I know it is my nerves, so do you know of any supplements to take that would help with this issue?

    Now I know what you are going to say which is see a doctor well I don't have health insurance and only have the county to rely on and they have not been much help at all. A complete waste of time and energy for me. The long waits for appointments, I have been waiting three months to see a doctor again.

    The last one I saw was in Februrary and she was like oh I am going to refer you to a pain specialist and that takes 3 months to do and I looked at her like she must have completely lost her mind and my next appointment is at the end of next month. Then I have a clinic that I go to but they are not medically equipped to handle fibro, cfs patients, etc. That is where they refer you to county hospital, which mind you it takes about 45 minutes to an hour to get there without any traffic. I applied for Medi-Cal and have not heard anything back and I keep meaning to call and ask what is going on with that. I applied for that last year. So I am applying for SSI and as soon I get approved for that, I am reapplying for Medi-Cal and tell them I automatically qualify and give me my benefits NOW!!! Once I get those benefits I can see any doctor that accepts Medi-Cal.

    Anyway long story short how do I get rid of this zapping stuff or will it pass through?


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    I used to have this problem all the time. Strangely enough, after it would happen, I would commonly feel better. Well, at least sometimes. I would get the feeling mostly in my head, neck, and chest. I would say that this is probably a neurological symptom. Zoloft probably isn't the right thing for you as it's an SSRI and your problem probably has nothing to do with Seretonin. Most likely you have a problem with the amount of GABA in your system. It's the inhibitory neurotransmitter your body produces. You can take it in supplement form and some people say it really helps, but in truth, it doesn't effectively cross the blood brain barrier. L-Theanine, a chemical that comes from green tea supposedly helps. I take it now, but I also take Neurontin and Campral, so I can't really tell you how well it works.
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    And you too, Nicole!!!

    Anyhow, this is all you need, right? I'm sorry, this is a terrible time for you. I've had these zaps occasionally. I think taking Neurontin has helped them be lessened and farther apart.

    Have you seen my second thread to you about SSDI and suggestions? You had asked for more so I wrote another reply...don't think you've seen it.

    Sometimes a massage will help the zaps...esp. if originate in the neck. You can put a hand on side of neck, and turn head towards fingertips. Rub real hard across neck and let head follow them right across...then reverse hand and head. It feels so good! It also helps drain clogged up lymph nodes across neck and base of brain, where I think lots of these zaps originate.

    I think we are all so brave and its a miracle we AREN't insane like "they" would like to think, from the most bizarre things that go on with our bodies!

    Take good care of you now, but remember, it takes a long time to get ok'd for SSDI, so calm down, breathe deeply, exhale slowly, and know we'll be right here to hold you up thru this, ok?

    Don't forget, shorter paragraphs, esp. for me...I get dizzy and fall out of my chair reading long ones, LOL!

    Love ya,
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    I have been weaning off the antidepressants as I just feel sicker with them lately. the antidepressants and the Fentalyn patch DO NOT MIX well together. I am basically getting myself off of almost all of my medications, as my body is just a complete mess after I ended up in the ER last month.

    I was on Zoloft and I still take Xanax to help with my anxiety issues. That is pretty much the only med that I take.

    At this point, I am pretty much out of options in the doctor department as I am not able to get the help that I need without adequate health insurance, so I am pretty much screwed. These illnesses are so complex, that a GP these days aren't able to do much and can just send you to a specialist and I cannot afford those folks.

    I wish that I could get my hands on the meds that all of you take, but they are so expensive to buy without health insurance.

    My last option is to try for the FFC for guidance, but I am leaving that for the last option. Right now I just keep exercising and eating healthy and doing what I am suppose to do healthwise. Keep doing school as that keeps me from going insane. I take supplements and drink herbal teas to help me out. I am my own doctor at this point of my life.
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    I did see what you put earlier yesterday evening, I am not sure if posted anything more after that so I will have to look and see.

    I seriously do not expect to hear from SSI offices until around the Fall or the Holidays. I just want to get them out of my hands and away from me, so I can work on some other things such as school, and working on trying to rebuild my business again.

    Thanks for the massage info, I have massager and may try that out to see if that will help my situation.