Feeling Worthless

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Shaylee, Mar 20, 2003.

  1. Shaylee

    Shaylee New Member

    It has come to my attention how many of us feel so worthless at times because of CF/FM. How mnay feel like they had rather die than face another day of waking up with all of our aches, pains, brain fog, and everything else.

    I am here to say there is not a one of us who are worthless.
    Sometimes it is other's opinion which get passed onto to us that makes us feel that way, and the things which are said to and about us.

    Our lives have had a dramatic turn around and it has effected those we love. They feel helpless also. Another thing is some have no understanding as to what we are dealing with. I have felt this way but then I realized I am needed.

    My husband is a truck driver and every week he comes home with a pile of laundry and I have to get him ready to go back out.

    I have a home and sometimes I can clean it and sometimes I cannot, but this is my home.

    Others opinions of me, I do not have the energy to waste my time on that, as I have depleted energy and it must go for the positive things in my life.

    I also have all of everyone on this board when I feel like I cannot go anymore.

    So please everyone know, not a one of us are worthless or insane. Most of us have two diseases. CFS/FM. And as anyone with any disease we must educate ourselves, learn how to cope, and be there for each other. Try to do the best for our families, but always remember it is not our fault we are sick, and if the shoe was on a family members foot, we would be there for them.

    God Bless,

  2. poodlemommy

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    well said. A positive attitude goes a long way in feeling better. We are lucky to have this board. I been down in the dumps too but always manage to pull out of it. I just count my blessings and there are many. Thanks for the great words of wisdom
  3. jeanderek

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    Totally agree, most of the time its outside forces that make us feel like we are worthless, useless, unloved or crazy sometimes.

    Everyone here knows what thier limits are. Not one of us has not known what a bad flare is like or what living from day to day in constant pain or fatique. I challenge any "normal" person to do half the things we do and do it in the pain and fatique we have!

    In alot of ways we are much stronger than a normal person will ever be. We have faced, grieving, pain, exhaustion, losing our friends, taking abuse, taking disrespect, dealing with doctor who dont know jack, dealing with family that doesnt understand. We have a tough skin that they will never have because of all that we have went through. From living daily with IBS to TMJ and still trying to raise our kids and lets face it ladies raising our husbands lol.

    In alot of ways we are blessed to because we are strong!!! maybe not physically but we are strong emotionally and we can take alot of abuse that would make most normals crumble!

    Not one of you are worthless! Not one of your are usless! and there is not a person here that is not loved!!

    Thanks for the great message Shaylee!!

    God Bless you all

  4. bejo

    bejo New Member

    Thanks Shaylee,I really needed to hear that tonight.
    ((((((((())))))))) bejo
  5. tandy

    tandy New Member

    I wish you were my neighbor!!
    Sometimes I do feel useless,` but your right,Its not our faults.We certainly did'nt ask for this~
    Someday the Medical field will figure it out~
    more likely,one of us!!
    Thanks again....I need a reminder every so often~
  6. Shirl

    Shirl New Member

    Great post, I know a lot of our members have those feelings at times. It goes with the illnesses I guess. I think you said it all very well.

    My husband works for an oil company, and is gone for weeks at a time, when he comes home, he brings his bedding to wash, but we now have an agreement.

    I make sure the machines are empty so he can do his own washing and folding. Its just too much for me. His work clothes are done on his vessel, so that is not a problem (the bedding is his choice, the company also laundries them too, but he wants his done at home not mixed with all the others for some reason!).

    He understands my limitations now as much as anyone that does not have this can. So we got that together. My children also know, and don't aggrevate me with too much of their problems (they are all grown and on their own).

    I never felt worthless, just angry that I can't do the things I used to do. I resent that more than anything sometimes.

    You have a great attitude, keep it like it is.

    Shalom, Shirl

  7. jeanderek

    jeanderek New Member

    Xbandaide, I left a message for you in Chit Chat under Shaylee's last post please read it when you get time.

    I am still taking my new supplements and so far I have not had the herxing bad, had a low grade fever yesterday and felt alittle fluy but now I am all better. Just wanted to update you on that

    hugs and God Bless

  8. Hippo

    Hippo New Member

    I must admit I do feel worthless at times. Probably the worst was before I was able to get a diagnosis and everyone kept telling me I was crazy. Then the other time is one I am going through now. My husband is divorcing me because of my health problems and knows darn well what my limitations are. However, being an extremely vicious person, he is claiming through his lawyer that I can work full-time so he can cut me off without financial support. Even though he most probably will not get away with this, accepting money from someone who hates me makes me feel worthless. And I have no other options. I don't qualify for disability and absolutely cannot work at all. I also have 3 young children.