Feeling YUCKY...need help

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by CockatooMom, Jun 22, 2006.

  1. CockatooMom

    CockatooMom New Member

    Hi everyone, I hope YOU are having a great day!

    I am feeling like someone SUCKED THE LIFE OUT of me.
    My legs feel like lead, it's an effort just to breathe.

    I FORCED myself to go to the gym yesterday, but sometimes I don't know why I bother. I've been feeling more depressed when I am finished working out.

    There is always pain somewhere in my body constantly and I am getting frustrated again.

    Maybe I should go back to "pretending" there is nothing wrong with me and try to live a "normal" life, like I have for so many years? But, I feel like I'm paying for it now.

    It seems all my friends are busy with their own lives and have no time for me.

    When I DO talk to one of them and they ask how I'm doing, I don't know whether to tell the truth, or lie and say..."Oh, I'm doing good!" I know many of you can relate.

    Gosh, I just don't have any drive or passion anymore.
    I honestly don't want to do anything...nothing...get dressed, go out in public, fix my hair...nothing.

    My goal for today is going to yoga class tonight to stretch some of my frustration (and pain) out.

    I'm SO TIRED and I can't sleep at night. Ugh! My ankles are hurting so badly that it's difficult to walk sometimes.

    I don't mean to be a needy depressed soul. But I know I can talk to my family here.

    Thanks for reading this.

  2. onlythestrong

    onlythestrong New Member

    I understand where your at.I'm sending you a great big (gentle)hug.
  3. CockatooMom

    CockatooMom New Member

    Strong...Maybe a soak in the hot tub tonight at the gym after yoga would be refreshing ~ good idea.

    And Luv...I know you're right about everything.

    I just feel like my FM is progressively getting worse.
    I haven't been "formally" diagnosed with CFS, but I know I have it.

    I cried to my hubby the other night at bedtime because I just hurt so badly...he doesn't quite understand, but he tries.

    Love and thanks to you!

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