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  1. judyfocus53

    judyfocus53 New Member

    I called the doctor on Friday,and tould him that I was going to a different doctor if he was not going to help me.He ask me what I wonted him to do.I said that the vicodin es was not working no more that I needed something else.So he put me on percocet 3 times a day.And it is working.

    He apologised for the way he treated me at my last visit and he will work with me harder.So I will stay there and see how it go's.

    Thank you all for all the advice,and yes I am drinking the cherry juice .I dont know if it is helping on not but I am drinking it. (SOFT HUGS) to all. Love Judy
  2. nanna4550

    nanna4550 New Member

    I hope he keeps it up. I guess it's true that "you teach people how to treat you" . That's what a friend of mine told her daughter after her boyfriend called her a b%%ch.
    Her smart daughter told the boyfriend that she thought they needed a break from eachother- JUST LIKE THAT!!. sO...I guess her boyfriend knows how to treat her now- the questions is, will she give him another chance or not.
    I doubt it.
    So, you gave your doc a chance to prove himself, but only once, right?
    Good for you for speaking up .
  3. judyfocus53

    judyfocus53 New Member

    Yes I do have a good doctor.He was very upset when I said I will go to a new doctor.I will give him one more chance,but only one.

    Meg you are right some days nothing helps,but when I go in my daughters pool and just walk around in it that helps too.

    thanks four caring. (SOFT HUGS) toyou all Love Judy
  4. scully571

    scully571 New Member

    hi, i must say WOW also glad your dr apologised and your situation is better.hoping it gets better too
  5. kellyann

    kellyann New Member

    I never had a doctor apologize, that is great!

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