feels like earache and throat pain along with........

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    i don't post much because i don't have alot of answers and most of the time to tired to post. i read alot of post and they are so helpful to me.

    i need to know if anyone else had this problem. it just hit me out of the blue. i was sitting drinking my morning coffee and my ear started hurting and throat muscles seemed to hurt then my right chest became tight. right side of my head feels like it is full of fluid.

    just came back from iowa on a airplane and maybe that caused pressure but that was on tuesday and this is friday.

    any advice is truely appreciated.

    wishing all a great day
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    I have the earache, throat and, also, toothache but not into chest.

    Back in 1995 I kept telling my pcp that my ear hurt. He would look and shrug. Then I saw a ENT for something else and he did a Cat Scan. Then wrote me a letter saying that I had a chronic, mild sinus infection. Then my pcp put me on an antibiotic and I haven't had it since....til now.

    It is definitely bad and I have an appt with an ENT.

    You might want to check that out and I hope it helps you... I could have lived the rest of my life before my pcp would have figured it out.

    You have a wonderful day too.