feels like pin pricks on skin

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Fireball, Dec 30, 2004.

  1. Fireball

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    I have the feeling in different places on my skin that I was pricked with a pin. It kind of burns and the location varies. This has been happening now for a couple of months. I am not sure if I have dry skin or if this is something else. Also in addition to the sting of the pricks, I do have some itching, especially on my back at different times.

    Does anyone else have this? Do I need to go to a dermatologist?
  2. ImDigNiT

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    I have what I refer to as being popped on the bottom with a rubber band. For no apparent reason, injury or trauma it will happen. And it hurts like h##l! I believe it is nerve endings.

    My Doc says it is part of the fibro thing.

    You may however want to get checked out just to be sure though.

    Gentle Hugs
  3. teller7

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    Oh yes, I have that all the time. I agree that it must be nerve endings. When I don't shave my legs I can lay down and sometimes when my legs touch each other the hair feels like needles going into my other leg. Weird huh.
  4. Fireball

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  5. charza

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    I have had the same weird feelings the last two to three weeks. Fingers will tingle, then back, then maybe face, then eyelids, ears, butt, you name it. Arms and hands will sometimes feel numb and legs weak, although there really isn't any weakness at all. I have been to Neuro just to be sure that this is Fibro ( I was diganosed in 1999) and have had weird things happen on and off for the last five years with no medical explanation. I understand completely what you mean about the itching and tingling. It can be hell and drives you mentally crazy at times. Now I start joking about it or I will go off the deep end. Hard to sleep too. I have taken Benadryl and it eases the tingling somewhat and makes me drowsy enough to sleep.

    I did go to a Rheumatologist for testing and all was normal for lupus, etc. Make sure you check it all out to be sure.

    My thoughts are with you!
  6. kfsunshine

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    I have this too (pin pricks, etc) and I have seen the doctor for the itchiness part. He gave me some antihistimine that did nothing. Sleep is the only time I don't have to deal with it. I am starting to feel like I am going to just have to do the best I can to ignore it until it goes away. Mine is going on 3 weeks now. My sister and her fiance are both doctors and were stumped too. They told me to try an antihistimine and zantac (for the stomach because I guess that is where the second histamine producing area is in our body and the zantac helps shut that down too) Well it didn't help me and she said that it could just be in my head with a giggle. I said that doctors just don't like it when they don't have the answers so they blame it on the patient and say it is just in their head. She said that she was just kidding. Yeah right well the only doctor I have found to understand where we are coming from is a doctor from my childhood hometown that has experienced weird unexplained viruses and sensations himself. It is just so frustrating not to be understood. Who would want to deal with these sensations...it is a challenge just to try to ignore them.
    I think it is caused by some funky virus that just won't leave our bodies and it gets reactivated when we got into a flair.... let me know if you find some relief because I
    have yet to.
  7. carebelle

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    I am haveing this problem sence Christmas when I ate BQ pork Ribs.
    The last time I had this it was Mercury Poison.Read my other post.Also read mercury poision post.
    I do have a doctor apt on sat Ill post about it then.
    I would get tested for high metal poisions if I was you.
    If you have mercury fillings in your teeth this could be the problem.
  8. towda

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    Yes I do have that too and glad you brought it up. Mine is the worse when I take a warm shower. It feels like needles pricking me all over when the water hits me. Really bad when I take a hotshower which really helps with general pain all over and relaxes me. Maybe someone knows what is going on. Please let me know too.
  9. Fireball

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    Thanks everyone for your input. The pin pricks are still zinging me often. Creams do help somewhat with the itching but the sensations come back again. Showers bother me too. I really don't have a lot of bumps--just areas that I may have scratched open. Eventually I hope to go to a dermatologist. The problem is that after working, I don't have the energy to do extra stuff. So I usually don't make it to very many doctor related appointments.
  10. sharid

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    I've had several bouts with this. It starts out like that -then worsens; my skin welts and within hours my throat begins to tighten. Three Dr's dx Histamine overload due to auto-ummune system.
  11. lilaclover30

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    I itch at times and don't scratch because i don't know where to begin. I try lotions - many kinds - but doesn't do a lot of good. Have tried an anti-itch lotion that helps some. Found that when I have a sweating time, from what I don't know, I itch worse. Summer is really bad. Just try to do something (computer or calling someone on phone) helps me forget for a BIT!. Drs. just don't like to admit that they don't know, just blame it on you. Take care and LOL
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    I have been suffering for 8 months and have done a lot of research and have found milk thistle extra has releived my itching and I am so grateful, I have tried atarax,benedyrl and lotions and all doctors think I am crazy hope it works for ya
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