feet and legs going numb...any ideas

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    I have found in the last few weeks that if I sit with my legs crossed then my legs and feet go numb, also if I sit and put my feet on a stool they also go numb then...my husband said its normal but I havent experienced it before and always sat this way with no problem.
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    Lack of circulation can cause numbness and encourage the formation of clots. As we age, our blood level of enzymes decrease. Its enzymes that break up these fibrin clots, hopefully before they reach the heart or brain.

    You may have a hardening or narrowing of the arteries. Lower blood pressure, less blood volume.

    I would look at systemic enzymes. Vitalzym is touted as one of the best by William Wong N.D.
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    My feet and legs go numb and tingly (is that a word) and so do my hands. Most times there is no real reason why other then I keep them one way for too long. The hands is when I'm on the computer for too long. lol. Just part of the Fibro is what I've been told. Check with your doc and see what he says. More then likely it's nothing but better to be safe then sorry......SueF
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    I was diagnosed this week. I've been having problems with my feet going numb, burning or tingling since last summer, I think. I have so many pains, it is hard to remember when things started. Any way, the dr. told me that the numbness is part of fibro. My hands have also recently started going numb.
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    Could also be a spine/disc problem. Many of us with FMS have back/neck herniations or DDD. Mild nerve compression can cause numb/tingling feet/hands.

    A MRI would be required to know for tho & then they're not always 100%.