feet burning and feeling as if bones are crushed

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by tazzycat, Sep 17, 2003.

  1. tazzycat

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    Have any of you experience your feet burning and feeling like all the bones are broken in them after being on them for only a few hours? does that come with fatigue? I have noticed this alot. I was wondering how many of you may have felt that.
  2. baybe

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    and the feet thing kind of changes with the age of my diagnosis. When my feet became involved and for a time were my major pain zone it was kind of a turning point in my illness. For me personally I think it was when the myofascial portion of my diagnosis became active. I started experiencing much more specific pain based in very specific areas.
    Good luck with this and for me I just let this portiion of my illness go on with it's own time and space.
    Thanks for being here.
  3. clueless

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    I have a problem with my feet burning and they are numb. At night they feel as if they are wrapped tight from above the ankle down. Very painful and the feeling of pressure is very uncomfortable. Don`t know as this is any thing like your problem but I also have to wear comfortable shoes with support if I am going to be on my feet very long .Good thoughts to you. Clueless

  4. DesertSongDog

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    I was told long ago that I had fallen arches so I always attributed foot pain to that, especially when I had been on my feet a lot. I would try to buy the best shoes but it wouldn't help. In the past few years I even experience pain and the burning feeling when I haven't been on my feet, like just now after waking up and I haven't been on my feet much in the past few days because of a flare up of my other signs.

    By the way, peppermint foot lotion does help them feel a little better.
  5. carole128

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    Hi Tassycat
    Before I knew I had fms my feet were so painful that I could hardly walk. My toes felt like cramp, the side of my feet flet like a dog was biting them and my ankles felt sprained. They were so painful at night and the bedding hurt them more so some days I slept in a lazy boy chair. My hubby had to rig up some support for my legs and feet so my feet would be warm but with no bedding touching them. Thank goodness my feet are much better now. I think the osetopath helped take away the pain from my feet.
  6. sumbuni

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    My feet haven't bothered me in the last 2 months, and now a REALLY BIG flare, and the very expensive shoes that I thought worked wonders for my feet just didn't cut it today. I have achey burny feet. And I have ACHEY EVERYTHING TODAY. 8 hrs was almost more than I could handle at the old window factory!.

    It's 5:15 PM here, and I'm looking at the bed. It doesn't do alot of GOOD to sleep right now, but you bet I'm gonna try it again really soon...like 5:30. ((smile))

    I'm really sorry that you are getting kicked in the pants again...It seems like everytime I think that maybe I don't REALLY have fms/cfids...because I'm doing so fine, along comes the big flare, and here I go again!

    God Bless you Tazzycat! Hang in there...maybe very soon your flare will be gone, and you can be ALMOST "normal"...whatever that is!


    sumbuni (flaring, too!)
  7. mbofov

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    About 10 or 12 years ago my feet started to hurt/burn after work, as if I had been wearing a pair of very uncomfortable shoes all day, but I hadn't. Anyways, discovered that burning feet can be a symptom of pantothenic acid deficiency - adrenals are deeply implicated in CFS, and pantothenic acid is one of the B vitamins which is crucial to adrenal health. I discovered this little tidbit about burning feet and pant. acid deficiency in an Adelle Davis book. So, I added a stress formula B-complex vitamin, and separate pantothenic acid supplement, and the burning went away. My adrenals are still quite weak, but I don't have the burning feet any more. I don't have fibromyalgia, so don't know if there is separate foot pain with that. But I would try a strong B vitamin and additional pantothenic acid and see what happens.
  8. fairydust39

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    Hi Tazzy,
    My feet burn too.Like cluless I have numbness in my toes . I don't have diabetes but if I were you --I'd have a test for it. Some people with diabetes has burning in their feet. I don't have the feeling that the bones are broken though Take care Shirley
  9. Susan07

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    That would be a strong YES! Probably about 4 yrs ago, I was Christmas shopping and after last stop thought I might not be able to drive home. Cried all the way, fortunately I was close to the house. My doc sent me to a podiatrist. Diagnosis: planters faciitis, rt ankle:tarsal tunnel syndrome, bone spurs on bottom of both heals and back of one heal. Anti-inflammatories can help when the pain is at it's worst. I now have a handicap license plate because I can barely get through a grocery store. Often I feel like bones are broken. I also can feel numb, tingling and spasms all at the same time! Very weird... Right now my feet feel tingly and burning and swollen. Do a search on feet here there are many good tips: stretching exercises, bottle of frozen water to roll with your feet. I can only wear Birkenstock shoes now, the $300 orthotics no longer help.

    Take care of you and your feet.