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  1. MildredAnn

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    Can anyone suggest a cream or medication that would help stop the pain in my feet so that I could take a walking vacation with my husband. I have tried over the counter and presciption orthodics which help some but not enough. Any suggestions are apprecitated.
  2. danisue22

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    I wish I knew something that would help you long term sweetie, but I don't .Alot of us with Ra and Fm have feet that hurt all the time.I take Baclofen for mine and for muscle cramps ,my grand daughter gave me some zanaflex and if I take that they don't hurt and I sleep for 8 hours straight. Epsom salts bath help alot but you would probably have to soak them a couple of times a dayI wish I could be of more help because I know what your going through. There are alot of people on the Fibromyalgia,chronic fatique syndrome board that may know.maybe some one else will have a better solution.God bless Danisue