Feet pain = all over aching?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Musica, Dec 19, 2005.

  1. Musica

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    I way overdid on Saturday, played the piano past the point of exhaustion and beginning to feel achy. Then I had to run errands. I felt sooo bad that night! I was still suffering on Sunday, too, but did fine until I was standing for awhile on a stone floor chatting with someone at church. Suddenly I was aching all over. I could hardly stand for all the verses of a hymn without my hips feeling weak and aching all over. My feet have hurt so much more the past couple of days.

    I know there is supposed to be a lot to reflexology and all that. Do you find that just standing and having your feet hurt - or ESPECIALLY standing, more than walking - makes your whole body feel horrible?
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  2. Musica

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    I know standing is harder for "healthy" people, moreso than walking. I guess because of the constant pressure. FM is a lot about nerves, isn't it? And limitations, learning about limitations you never thought would apply to you. I think getting so exhausted the day before contributed in a big way, but no wonder the researchers have such a hard time figuring out some of these diseases!

    Hope you're doing okay, AcesNanna. Is it better now that you are not a moderator? Do you have neuropathy as a separate diagnosis, or are you saying that neuropathy goes hand in hand with FM?
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  3. Foggy_2

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    First, see a podiatrist because a diagnosis of plantar fasciitis is common in people with FMS. Second, try taking ibuprofin in the morning.

    Finding the right shoes to alleviate pain and live a normal life is enough to make a grown person cry. But it can be done. A second opinion from a podiatrist was what really helped me get started; the first podiatrist prescribed a hard plastic insole (1/2 of the foot length) and they always hurt. So, the second doc gave me a list of shoe brands and specialty shoe stores in our area.

    I ended up spending the good part of an entire summer a few years back to alleviate my foot pain. I searched all the stores for shoes.

    Spenco brand "Polysorb" insoles, full length. Around $20. A life saver! Sold in shoe specialty stores like the Shoe Mill. I use full-length insole inserts for certain shoes, not all my shoes. For example, I wear wearing Nike brand cross trainers - all purpose - shoes; I remove their insole. I replace their insoles with Spenco's, which I buy in another store.

    I use Spenco's in my hiking boots, too.

    Monroe brand shoes sold at Nordstrom's. These shoes are very expensive - but worth it!! I don't know what I would do without them. I owe it to a Nordstrom shoe salesperson for showing them to me. I don't need the Spenco insoles for these. I own two pairs of Monroe slip-on loafers and two pairs of sandals; plus a discontinued "mule".

    I still have foot pain during shopping in the mall - those floors are concrete beneath. (We have a new annex to a mall that has a new floor that feels like a running track; I hope that's a trend that will be in every mall.)

    A big improvement in the malls would be chairs!!
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  4. MamaR

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    I hope that you can get some relief from this pain in your feet! I can certainly relate! I can barely walk in the mornings. Do you have this problem in morning?

    Try to rest up...so you can enjoy Christmas!

  5. JackieDH

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    She comes to my home once a week (when I can afford it... $20) I have had foot problems for 20 years and what ever she is doing seems to help some to relieve swelling and I feel pampered too! I haven't had her the last month due to money being tight with Christmas. Let me tell ya how much worse I feel without it. I am anxious to have her come back. It is really wierd how she can tell if I am congested or my intestines are upset just from working on my feet. I would recommend foot reflexology to everyone.
  6. Musica

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    Thanks! I have good sneakers - New Balance - but I don't wear them with nicer clothes. Thanks for the recommendation on inserts; there are so many types in the stores, it is good to know what someone has found helpful. I wish I knew why my feet don't hurt at all some times of the year and do so much more at other times. Of course, there is a lot we wish we knew! I do know, however, that feet pain is what I first had, a couple of years ago, but I have always thought since that it was related to RA. That was in the winter months... MamaR, when my feet are hurting, it DOES hurt to walk in the morning! Not for very long, and not as painful as before I was treated for RA. The two winters before that, I could barely make it down the stairs, even hanging onto both rails, because my feet hurt so bad!

    I would be interested in reflexology, there does seem to be something to it. I am soooo embarrassed about my feet, though! I have not treated them well, so they aren't pretty feet at all!

    I still haven't figured out if my feet hurting more last weekend contributed to my feeling worse all over. I suspect there would be some connection.
  7. 69mach1

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    i just went to my local drug store tonigh and bought some dr. shoul's insert for back and feet problems...

    podiatrist said to go get some orthodontic's made but my insurance won't cover the 400$ bill...

    and then he said if that doesn't work then we could look at surgery...

    thought i would try these ones praying i can get some relief...

    can't stand and can't walk and the last thing i want to do is go bake cookies today...it not gonna happen...

    i need to try and get some sleep here...afer 3:330 am and the phone comapny is suposed to come between 8-12 noon today i am going to sleep on the couch.


  8. Musica

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    I hope the Dr. Scholl's or one of the other inserts does the trick for you. You sound really down and discouraged, and obviously things are not good for you to have been up at 3:30. I hope you get some sleep, and some pain relief. {{{Jodie}}}