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  1. dorothyr

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    Does anyone feel like you can't walk after sitting in a chair or driving somewhere due to severe pain in your feet? Even sitting if I rub my feet together they feel like they have been ran over by a car tire or something. I hate this feeling , does anyone have any suggestions to relieve this pain? Thanks! Dorothy
  2. Empower

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    Hi Dorothy

    Are you sure it isn't plantar fasciitis? I had it this summer (from flip flops) and it was always worse after I was sitting down, and then tried to get up to walk around

    Very painful

    Best thing is good supportive shoes, like tennis shoes
  3. MIssAutumn

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    hi Dorthy,

    Yes, mine feel like that, some days worse than others. In the morning they feel like they were hit with a sledge hammer on top and on the bottom like I'm walking on jagged river rock bare foot. I learne d just to walk on the sides of my feet until it goes away. A lot of people with FM feel feel like this. Just recently - because I found a new doctor- my feet and the rest of me is slowly getting better.

    I have tried every sports shoe out there and none have helped for long, it got so expensive I gave up. Now, I'm ready to try getting back to my 3-6 mile walks.

  4. PainPainGoAway

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    You know those funny looking "Crocks"???
    I recently got a pair of them that are lined w/ fleece (that's washable). OH MY they are fabulous!

    I've seen this discussed before but had no idea how true it was or I'd have tried them years ago! I now wear them exclusively, even in this horrible weather (they are lined). The rubber soles are safe enough on the ice, and I wore wool socks with them and stayed warm.

    I originally got them to wear inside my house since I recently got tile and can't walk on the bare floor, or stand on it for that matter. However, they have been my only choice of footwear (even in a skirt, I kid you not) the last 6 weeks.

    I still get the foot pain and it's especially painful for me on the tops of my feet-- it's worst at night and early in the morning. Meds help and usually my feet throbbing are the first signs of my meds wearing off. Driving is hard on me as well, and rare for me nowadays anyway.

    But walking in the shoes makes such a difference. I know my mother just sent me an expensive pair of nice looking gym shoes and I gave them to my daughter.

    Have you been checked for arthritis? I have both arthritis and FM, and also lots of back issues.
    Please try some if possible! AT this point I doubt I will wear anything else!

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  5. jmq

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    Yes...I get terrible foot pain...mornings and evenings...and sometimes during the day. I can barely walk. Besides pain...they also get red and hot....like on fire. I just wrap them in ice when it is really bad.

    I have FM.

  6. Rosiebud

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    yes I have had terrible feet pain since getting mumps 4 years ago - before that the only places I was pain free were top of my head and soles of my feet but not now.

    I've tried B5 pantothenic acid and can't say it helped, prescription cream doesnt help much either.

    I wear Fly Flots which are very comfortable but I'm afraid I've found nothing that takes the pain away.

  7. skikat

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    my sons fiance has this pain and it is severe. i agree with cindy as the doctor told her to wear the crocks and nothing else. also my daughter has problems with her feet, and she is very fashion consious so at our christmas gathering the other night i noticed that she was wearing the cutest shoes with her slacks. they were BLACK crocks, and she had added "bling" to them on one side of the top. i didnt even notice that they were crocks and niether did anyone else! she loves them. hope this helps, ....ski
  8. feathermelightly

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    I get the burning in my feet and my hands. I also get extreme cold that is very painful in my hands and feet. It's good to know I'm not alone although I wouldn't wish this on anyone. The extreme cold is called small fiber neuropathy. I forgot the name of the heat.

    I'm taking baclofen now and its helps with the morning pain in my feet. I have dropped feet and use crutches and a power chair. I'm having my third foot surgery in January. Hopefully this one will work!
  9. lvjesus

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    In the past I had problems with my feet upon standing after sitting for a long time. I posted about it saying that it felt like the skin of my feet "drew up" while sitting and then the bones had to "stretch it back out" when I stood up. Now that is back at night when I get up to go to the bathroom. I have to stand there a second or 2 before I can walk.
  10. Sheila1366

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    I have been having terrible foot pain for so long now. Every morning I have to get myself siked up to get out of bed. Just putting any weight on my feet just causes so much pain.

    I need to get some crocks. Sound like they are the way to go.
  11. tut90

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    This is my problem also, foot pain. Just yesterday, I was telling my daughter that I had to get some comfortable sandals. I did a search on line for Fly Flots and found them, but they are expensive. Do you know of a place or site where I could get them for a reasonable price.

  12. Asatrump

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    I have what I ?think is a myofascial knot under the ball of one foot. Going barefoot makes each step painful, so do shoes and sneakers. I am a CROC wearer, full time. If you google croc you can order on line, I use the endeavor line, all colors, but they have no holes. Best for me as either snow, slush or wet grass. I wear them as slippers, just never change to the outdoors. Whatever pair I am wearing I just continue on out unless the snow is more than a couple inches.

    I wear them 24/7.

    My daughter scared me and said she heard crocs were going out of business due to too much competition. So I ordered 6 pair of navy endeavor crocs. The company phoned me thinking somebody made a typo. I wear them until there is absolutely no tread on the bottom and they become a danger with slipping. By the way they said the rumor was news to them.

    I could be a commercial for crocs. They do NOT hit that lump I have.

    I had tried on many pair of Birkenstock as they say they will form to your feet after a break in period. BUT, the ridge in the sandal hits right on that spot, I would be in total misery in 12 hours .

    Tiny warning. Don't order the red ones! They are bright red, really bring attention to me feet, and let's face it the shoes are ugly. insert giggle.. I tried clicking the heels three times but my wish didn't come true!
  13. tut90

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    I found the shoes that Rosiebud mentioned in her post on ebay for much less than in other sites. I just bought me a pair, I will let you know if they work for me. I'm constantly having my husband, daughter and granddaughter massage my feet, they hurt so much.

    Hope you find relief soon.