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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by jackskanlan, Dec 18, 2005.

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    My feet problems were really my introduction to Fibromyalgia. I was going to the doctor complaining about terrible pain in my feet and legs, all of the way up to my hips and back. At first I followed the path of planter fasciatis and started wearing inserts in my shoes, etc. but then would the pain still hadn't gone away...I went back to my doctor and then eventually to a rhuematologist. I think I may have had some problem with my planter fascia tendons but in the end it was the fibro that was causing most of the pain and discomfort. I hope this helps.
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    my fibro also started in my feet. i guess it makes sense because they get the most pressure.
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    Thanks, Acesnanna, I tried your tip about adding honey for moisture and it really works!

    Now I'm using it with my deep conditioning cream for my hair too...

    Love the smell and the feeling; and here in dry Colorado what a moisturizing relief!

    All the best,

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    I developed FMS before I started having foot problems and after being treated by a podiatrist for at least 6 months, I too concluded that my problems with my feet are due to FMS, and no amount of inserts, soft casts etc was going to cure it!

    I just learned to live with it, as I have with the FMS. I only have 1 pair of shoes that I can comfortably wear and I try to take short breaks throughout the day and get off my feet for awhile. Also, neurontin and tramadol help dull the foot pain.

    Just something more to have to put up with!

    Thanks for the post. Take care, Sally