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  1. leahc

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    Does anybody else have the bottom of their feet hurt? When I wake up or get up from being on the couch, I can hardly stand on them.... What is that?
  2. AllWXRider

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    Cramps can be due to a high arch. Get Dr. Scholl's arch supports. Also consider comfortable shoes.

    Swollen feet can be caused by hormonal changes, too much salt or kidney problems.

    I got a "foot fixer" by Homedics and it vibrates and heats the water. Just add epsom salts and your feet will feel refreshed. My wife teaches school and stands up all day, it really speeds the healing. Epsom, table salt or other salts like dead sea salts kill off foot fungus: the rest of the family will thank you.

    Reflexology massages certain parts of the foot to correlate to another part of the body. We got a book on it and it feels great. There is something to it. You can not treat youself, too far to reach.
  3. mujuer

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    I have just started having the same problem. My ankles and my feet hurt so bad that I can hardly walk. They hurt last night too. I just figure that it's the fibro but will call the dr. if it continues.
  4. charlenef

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    a massager on the bottom of my feet when they cramp mine is caused from cmp homedic is the best charlene
  5. LadyC

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    The bottoms of my feet hurt also especially when I get up in the morning. I have to limp for a few minutes until they get back to the normal everyday pain. The tops and bottoms of my feet hurt on a daily basis. When I try to be cute and wear any type of heel my feet feel like they are gonna break off at the ankles.
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  6. Shalala

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    I have heel spur in right foot (20 years at least) and I get horrible cramps in the left foot (like my leg jerks) and it is worse in bed or reclining.
  7. Hope4Sofia

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    My feet have been hurting for a few years. Feels like there is no padding around my bones. They also cramp up a lot.

    Last year my hands began to hurt as well. And cramp.

    I was taking Neurontin and it really helped a lot. Now, I am only on cymbalta which helps some but I still have pain.

    I guess it's nerve pain.

    Anyway, I have eliminated most of my cute shoes. I now wear a pair of Ecco tennis shoes, a pair of Merrells and some Merrell flip flops. I can't handle anything with an arch anymore.

    I've heard Lyrica works well for nerve pain as well.


  8. beege

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    I worked in a hospital for over 20 years. Those symptoms were told by my foot doctor to be plantar facitis. One way to stop the pain is to fill a small h2o bottle with water and freeze it.Then put a small towel around it and put it under your arch of your foot.Or put a ice pack under your whole foot.The doctor also told me to make ABC's in the air with your feet. this strechs the musles in your feet.Hope this helps Beege