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    i was doing the candida diet back in may, i stop taking every thing in the end of july, by the weekend of that week, i develope a white tongue, i was losing weight and wanted to see if i can gain weight by eating cake, i did eat cake everyday straight for that week, i cain 2 pounds, and a white tongue, im going to a holistic doctor today, july 31, 09, does these dr, really help you.

    i return taking nystatin, and grapefruit seed extract. im having diarrea, and my digstive sysem is shot, im seeing my food in my stool. my question, im i starting over from the beginning. this is bad, i regret what i did, i would have been 3 months into recovery if i had stick to the candida program. help......thanks

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    stay off cake!! NO SUGAR!! and carbs act like sugar on the system (breads, anything with flour in it). and yes, see a holistic doctor. you need to be strict with your diet to fight off candida. i'm on a grain-free diet to minimize effects of carbs. it has helped my IBS sooo much.

    you need high-quality proteins, fats, organic produce. all foods should be whole- not processed- as close to original state as possible. as they say, shop around perimeter of stores- not the aisles (where the boxes of processed foods are). everything in natural state. avoid anything with sugar in it. use stevia, a sweetener you can find in health food stores.

    you need to get your guts working properly. i know how awful it is to have diarrhea, and you need to work on establishing best diet possible to counteract such problems. take holistic doctor's advice as to supplements- i imagine lots of probiotics will be prescribed. and stick to it! no cake!! it can seem too hard to do to make the needed changes, but a whole new world of foods will open up to you and you will come to like them just as much as what you've had to give up- at least that has been my experience. good luck, street- Sascha *let us know how it goes and what you are doing
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    Hi - I'm not a yeast expert, but I once had a yeast problem, with the white tongue. I was put on nystatin, but whenever I got off of it, the problem would come back. Eventually my doctor (who was holistic) put me on Nizoral, and that got rid of the problem for good. - Mark

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    I understand why you did what you did. I've read that losing weight from CFS is actually much harder on people than gaining too much and sure seems like most of us do one or the other.

    I've met other PWCs online who are very desperate to gain weight. You're not alone.

    The Candida diet can make you lose weight. What a catch 22 for you! Don't feel badly about what you've done. Just go from here and keep doing the best you can. You know all of us are trying to figure out how to deal with these DDs through trial and error.

    I think one of those docs will be good for you because s/he may have ideas you haven't come across. They can do testing on you for Candida and other things and some of those meds people above are suggesting sound very promising.

    I hope you find something that helps you.

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