felling better at nights, my story

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    hey all, i have seen a lot of posts about feeling better at nights. i feel aout 60% better at nights as far as energy and pain level's devreased. i asked my cfs doc once and he thought it might have something to do with the viral cycle slowing down during the night ? i kick in gear about 4pm and i cant not sleep until 4 or 5am.
    i think in my case that during the day time when i am having a cf spell and cluster headaches is when everyone in my family will stop by to check on me but, there are some who have only thier own selfesh reasons for comeing over and will beat on my door, my windows the side of my house for 40 minutes. this kind of stuff sets off bad cluster headaches and i end up in the er for pain management.if i do not answer the door they will call the other family members and tell them something is very wrong and i need to be checked on (i have even had the police at my door because i would ot answer during a spell). it is a bad cycle for me, but at night time no one bothers me and i enjoy it.
    i have showed them article's, read them books even took some of them to my doctor with me so he can explain it and it makes no difference.
    any way i just came off of a 2 week fatigue spell that was the worst i have had since i was dxs: in dec 2000. sleeping 12 hrs and getting up to shower and eat and become so fatigued i sleep for 10 hrs again. no where to go but up.

    be well everyone thanks for the ear bill m
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    I have allergies to every kind of mold/fungus and for a time, took allergy shots for them. Finally, the doc told me that he wouldn't continue because Molds/fungi change and the ingredient in the injections would keep changing. I thought that was interesting. I'm interjecting the thought because I read your background and saw that you were pretty much a science major and would understand. This whole thing of CFS / FMS is interesting and is something that I'm studying as well so that I understand my body. I've learned so much.

    Here are my thoughts. Where I live there is a lot of different types of mold/fungi, including "Valley Fever." I did have Valley Fever at one point in my life, not sure when, probably thought it was just flu or something. My skin test looked like a fried egg, only red. The center was a large red yoke! Since I'm allergic to mold/fungi, it would stand to reason that when the stuff "in bloom" during the day, I would react to it.

    Another theory is the one about Melatonin and having somewhere like 30% less at night because I have FMS (that is in a study that I've saved) then "normal" people have. This is due to problems with the pineal glad.

    What about a combo of the two creating a REAL problem with daytime misery and nighttime living? That could be what's happening to me.

    You stated that you might be interested in nursing. I'd encourage you to go that direction, as I'm a RN working as a public health nurse. I love research as well and do a lot of that at night when I feel better.

    Stay well and happy!

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    I have always been sortof a nite owl anyway...now as I look back I think it was b/c I felt some better at nite. Thus I thought 3rd shift would be a good thing if I HAVE to work...wrong...just made me worse.
    I hear ya about people bothering you too...since I work 3rd I sleep some during the day when my son naps or all day on the weekends when hubby is at home...it never fails that on the days I am really bad everybody and their stinking brother calls or comes by and they always say "oh i'm sorry did I wake you up?" Duh what do you think? Last week I was very bad with a caffine withdrawl headach among other things, I had opened my bedroom windows earlier in the day to hear the rain as it helps calm me. My neighbor comes by and is banging on the door, since hubby didn't answer i assumed he and the baby had gone out so decided to ignore her but she kept on banging and then came and yelled in my window until I finally looked out...she had locked herself out of her house...and this is my problem why? I hardly know the lady.
    Then this week I talked with my mom early in the day and told her I had not slept well in a few days and was just generally not feeling well...so what does she do...calls back at the time I told her I was going to bed to ask me my sons head measurements so she could make him a hat...then she calls dad and tells him i'm sick so he calls, and friend called, and bill collector called...crap leave me along sometime dang.
    opps sorry this turned into a rant...I want people to care about how I'm feeling I just wish they would use some freakin common scense...if I say i'm going to bed at 2 dont' call at 210 how hard is that to figure out?

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    Wouldn't you love to call those people when they are sleeping or bang on their doors?
    Some people refuse to understand&think we are lazy.
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    wanna call people at 3am while I am a work and say I just called to see how they were and then keep them on the phone with some stupid conversation that only means something to me...hehe...I shouldn't be so mean but dang they all KNOW I am sick/tired and that I work 3rd so why can't they use alittle common scense? Soemthing I think most of the world is lacking in.