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    I had a doctors appointment the other day with my doctor,all he did was talk to me.He did not check me I said that I hurt so bad and my back is so bad. He did not even check my back like he did all the other times I saw him, he acted like I had a disease that he could get.All he did was take me off my morphine.He still let me stay on my vicodin 3 a day,and that do's not help.I called last week and he was on vacation.I was out of my sleeping pill the nurse said no other doctor there can help me.Monday when he was back I called to talk to him ,the nurse just said what do you won't.I said my sleeping pill and that I needed my morphine back .I am in so much pain I can't take it no more.She called me back and said she will order the sleeping pill,but no morphine.I thout you had to go off that slow not just like that.I ask to talk to him and he wound not get on the phone.I never had any trouble before.I don't under stand why he is treating me this way.I am not going back.(SOFT HUGS) judy
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    I am so sorry you are going through so much pain. I know what you mean about your doctor. My last Rhuemy was like that and I changed doctors. The problem is they don't know what to do for us with FM so they just go through the motions. We need understanding and loving care. Most docs are so aloof that it hurts our feelings.

    Try getting a new doc and if it is a woman, even better.

    Good luck hon, I will pray for you.

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    Hi Judy,

    So sorry to hear you had a bad time with the doc. What morphine were you taking? I take Avinza, a time released morphine. I would just freak if he took it away. It does ease the pain but doesn't solve it totally. I also take vicodin for the breakthrough pain. Did he not give you a reason or want to try something else? That just makes no sense! I would ask to see him and ask for some answers and look into finding another doc who specializes in Fibro. I will add you to my prayers tonight and I hope you find some relief soon.

    Take Care,
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    Cherry juice I will try that.thank you.
    lilac123 as for your post he would not even talk to me on the phone I was tacking Ms Contin 2 times a day 15 mgs. and to take me off that way I am getting worse.There is no reasoning with him.I don't know thy he is acting like this.I think I mite try to talk to him tomorrow just to see if he will talk to me.Put if he wount I will be so up set I will start to cry.I did nothing roung for him to turn on me this way. Judy (SOFT HUGS)
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    Hi Judy, you should call and make an appointment. Get the soonest one they have.You should sit and talk to him face to face,not on the phone. Tell him to be honest with you on how he feels about FM and CFS . If all this talk does not help ask for your medical records right than.Find another doctor .
    Good Luck
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    remember all the talk about people not being able to get pain meds because doctors are scared?

    If this is a sudden shift for him, sounds like something might have happened. Maybe he is being investigated or was contacted by whoever monitors these things. It sounds very fishy if he REFUSES to come to the phone.

    Wonder where he went on "vacation"? I too would make an appointment (if they give you one for 2010, show up and sit in the office until they see you) and ask him point blank what has happened to make him act like this.

    You might even ask the nurse. He can't help it if he is scared, but he should have the guts to at least TELL you why he is acting this way.

    You know, giving you pain meds and then yanking you off because of an investigation, or whatever, to me makes him look guilty. If I were dispensing pain meds and the feds, or whoever, started questioning me and I all of a sudden started yank scripts, wouldn't you think that would be like saying, you are right, I am prescribing things I know people don't really need?

    I would think standing your ground would show that you believe your patients legitimately need pain meds.

    Of course I could be WAY off track, but it sounds odd to me.

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    Ya know, I think lvjesus is right. Sounds like something fishy is going on. I had a real weirdo doc years ago in CO who got in a bunch of trouble for something. It was really strange. Almost sounds like something like that is going on.

    But, isn't it dangerous or very uncomfortable to just stop taking something like this cold turkey. Don't you have to "wean" off of strong stuff like this?? I would fight and raise heck till I got answers he is screwing around with your health. Just not right. Maybe even contact the medical board and see whats up with him. (???) I sure hope you find relief and answers soon.

    Prayers are with you!
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    I hate that you're going thru this. I've been there and still have the headaches...lol

    Trust me on this...make an appt. and talk to him. No melodramatics, no anger, no emotion. Tell him you don't undestand why he stopped your morphine could he prescribe something else.

    The DEA is really coming down hard on doc that prescribe pain meds and many of them are scared. Not that that excuses his behavior - he shuold explain why when he stopps a med.

    If all else fails ask for a referral to pain mgt....
    good luck, I take dilaudid and can't imagine my life without it. It makes the pain bearable anyway.

    P.S. After the appt ask him if he'll wave the fee if all you did was talk abou the meds. Mine did.