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    I’ve been plagued with canker sores my entire life. And as anyone that’s had ‘em can tell you, they are extremely painful . . . eating, not to mention just talking, can be difficult at best. Anyway, someone mentioned using Rembrandt Toothpaste on this message board a while back so
    I purchased some in Feb. Rembrandt makes a special toothpaste specifically for canker sore sufferers . . . it actually helps avoid canker sores. It’s kinda expensive . . . around $7 or $8 for 3 ozs. . . but well worth the cost. Between using the RT and rinsing my mouth several times a day with Listerine, I feel like I’ve finally gotten some control over these painful ulcers (even with the tremendous stress I've been under lately). I did have a small outbreak two weeks ago, but within two days the sores were gone . . . and, my outbreaks can last anywhere from 10 to 20 days.

    Just thought I’d pass this info on for any fellow canker sore sufferers. Thanks to whomever passed it on to me. So far, so good.

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    Hi Nikki: I have suffered with continuous canker sores since I was 2 years old (now 46). I've had them under my tongue, on the back of my throat, basically everywhere. My mom told me they bothered me so badly when I was little that she had to take me to the doctor for medication. That medication is now sold over the counter and I couldn't live without it. It is called Orabase with Benzocaine. It is a gritty paste that sticks to the sore for hours and it actually numbs it. You hardly know it's there and it takes the pain away completely. I think it also quickens the healing process. Mine have always been due to stress and docs all said "virus" that you just have in your body. About 2 weeks after my dad died, I had 8 canker sores. Anyway, the medicine is a God-send. Also, do a search of messages here for canker sores. There was a post a while back that several people said they got from carbs or something like that. Good luck and believe me, I feel your pain!!!
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    I haven't tried the products you've mentioned . . . but, the other oral meds which numb the pain have not worked as well as the toothpaste. In fact, I actually applied the toothpaste directly on the sores with my last outbreak that lasted only 2 days.

    My dr. also advised that the canker sores are caused from a virus . . . some people or susceptible and others or not. (Lucky us . . . why doesn't our luck work w/the lottery?!?) A few years back I had shingles in my mouth of all places and I broke out with a ton of canker sores (one side of my mouth only) . . . ouch, ouch, ouch.

    I guess with our autoimmune systems out of wack we are susceptible to just about anything and everything.

    Take care................nikki
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    I have had problems with canker sores for my whole life. Boy, do they hurt, I have had them so bad that they've made my whole head ache, given me a sore throat & earache on the particular side they are on. I will keep this in mind about the Rembrandt toothpaste!

    Just a note....I was tested for food allergies about 3 mos. ago & had plenty. I eliminated those things from my diet & I haven't had a canker sore since (and I used to get them often!) Maybe just coincidence, but it kinda makes sense that things you are allergic to would aggravate your mouth as well as stomach, etc.....

    Thanks for the info!

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    I take 1500 Mg. of L-Lysine daily and have cut back on my outbreaks by 75 to 80% I also avoid chooclate, nuts, beer.
    these trigger outbreaks because of being high in Arginine.
    I researched this as a dietitian and it does work. Good Luck.
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    My daughter used to suffer terribly with canker sores and we also started on a different toothpaste- Tom's of Maine Natural toothpaste. It has made such a difference. I will keep in mind the Rembrandt if she gets them bad again. I read that one ingredient in toothpastes aggravate canker sores -Soduim lauryl sulfate and Toms has that ing. listed but it is supposed to have far less than most brands like Crest etc.

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    There's a common misconception, even among doctors, that canker sores are caused by a virus. Cold sores are, not canker sores, they're different things. Try using either distilled or highly filtered water. I also use toothpaste with peroxide. Helps. Figured out the water thing when I realized the only time I had problems with canker sores was when I lived in Northern Wisconsin, growing up here and after I moved back. Water up here is fairly acidic, due to the evergreen forest cover (lots of tannic acid). Then again it may be all in my head (placebo effect) but what the hell, it works.

  8. Nikki

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    Thanks for letting me know it's not viral. I was told this many, many years ago.

    BTW, the Rembrant toothpaste for canker sores is something seperate from their regular toothpaste.

    I use to take Lysine, but recently quit . . . maybe I should restart. I was just so tired of taking so many supplements and vitamins + my Rxs, and now with the new toothpaste, I've not really had a bad outbreak.

    I've also used Peroxide. If you dab peroxide directly on the sore (w/Qtip), wait a few seconds then dab on Milk of Magnesia it helps to quiet the pain down somewhat.