felt worse after being in a hot tub

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by trasestry, Aug 14, 2003.

  1. trasestry

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    Got a question for everyone. While I was on vacation, I thought I would enjoy the hot tub they had. Well, I couldnt stand the heat on my legs. I only stayed in for a couple minutes, and my legs felt worse afterwards. ?????? This doesnt make sense to me. I do feel better, however, after a hot shower. The water in the tub, was not too hot, I enjoyed it for my back, but just too much for my legs.

    Any suggestions???? Am I going crazy or what???

  2. patchwork

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    after going to the thermal baths or in a hot tub. For one thing i think all the toxins suddenly get released in one go into your blood stream. My legs get heavy too and I think it's something to do with the action of the heat on the circulation??????? Or maybe a temporary effect on the blood pressure??
    Hope you get some better answers than this!!!But no you're not going crazy!
  3. spmary

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    HI...I use to enjoy the hot tub at the Y ater exercising, but now if I stay in more than 5 min. I am exhausted and feel like I will have to crawl to get to my car to go home.
    However, 5min. does help the pain. JUst try 5min.
  4. tulip922s

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    When I take a warm bath or shower, I have to lay down several minutes to an hour afterwards,,,,the whole thing just wipes me out. Wonder why. It's the toughest thing I do in a day,,,,somedays I just have to pass which really bothers me. Tulip
  5. judywhit

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    when I was being tested for MS that is one of the questions that the doctor asked me. MS patients cannot stand heat nor hotwater. It makes their symptoms flair. Not to worry, just keep an eye on this and chart your feeling after hot baths. If it continues see a doc.
  6. wle

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    I haven't been in a "Hot Tub" for a while but I have a whirlpool bath tub at home and I l-o-v-e it. I get in for 15 min about once a week. I always rinse off with a cool shower when I am done. Really makes me relaxed and less achy. Since I enjoy the whirlpool so much we have discussed getting a hot tub. Maybe I should try one out first before we buy - it may be different from the whirlpool - but I can't see that it would be THAT different. WLE