Felty's Syndrome

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    Has anyone on the Board ever had a family member or known of anyone with Felty's Syndrome.

    My 74 year old Aunt had severe RA for over 40 years and suffered wtih it terribly.

    However, she worsened in the last three months and deteriorated quickly. She became severely anemic and had carried a low white count for years. Her count went down to practically non-existent.

    Her spleen and liver deteriorated and she died on Tuesday. Only then, because the director of the Hospice, who is an Oncologist, explained to my mother that she had Felty's Syndrome, which is associated with RA and is rare.

    Looking back, we think other members of the family may have had it, and they now think it is due to a genetic thing, but it has not been identified yet.

    Fm is rampant in the family. My mother has it, my sister, and I have it. I am developing some nodules on my fingers and there has been discussion as to whether I could have psoritic arthritis.

    FM and all these disorders many of us have and suffer with are serious disorders and I am growing weary of the medical communities failure to accept and acknowlege it, so we can get some answers.

    Thank any of you for any messages. I couldn't find ANYTHING about Felty's on Immune, but I Googled it and found tremendous information on it.
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    I've never heard of it.. If you are getting nodules they should check your RA factor.. especially since you have a family history.. good luck!
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    I'm so sorry for your loss.

    Prayers for your family at this sad time.