female question on pap smears and biopsys

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    Sorry not been around much here.. Have lurked a few times but have been busy and not feeling so great due to a big flare up with the fibro..

    To try to make a long story short.. I went in for my pap test a few wks ago..They didnt call me. I had to call them,( which really annoyed me) The nurse says that came back Normal.. but then said he wanted me to have an ultrasound done for Ive been having pressure in the lower pelvic area and cramps.. Back in December I spotted for about 2 days.. very lightly. then in March I did the same thing and had cramping with it only it was more of a pinkish light discharge that time.. thats when I made an appt to get my pap done.

    I get the ultrasound done about a wk later and finally a wk ago today, I call to get the results.. ( again I had to call).. the Dr hadnt even looked at my results yet.. she said she would check and returned.. said it looked like it came back normal. Im thinking.. good.. but then she said she would have the Dr call me which wouldnt be until this past Monday .. By 4 pm.. no call, So I call back.. she then tells me that he wants me to have a biopsy on my uterus.. Im not bleeding.She said the ultrasound showed that the lining of my uterus is thick.. so.. Of course I go look it up.. well .. it more or less says you do that .. if you have uterine cancer!.. arggg.. they schedule me to get the biopsy on the 20th..
    SO .. question is.. if my pap test came back normal.. why would I need the biopsy on my uterus.. It doesnt make sense to me..
    How can you be ok there at the opening of the uterus but have something going on inside ..

    Anyone have a suggestion on this or.. been thru this? I have not had a period in about 4 yrs now..
    When I did go in.. they never checked my urine.. which I thought strange.. He is so busy delivering babies that I dont think he has time to really concentrate on other problems.. Hes the only Dr in that particular office..
    A friend of mine says the 20th is a long ways off to wait to get a biopsy if something is going on..
    needless to say.. Im scared to death.. but yet questioning things.. I have cancer on both sides of my family.. plus my Mom had cervical cancer when she was in her late 30s..

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    I'm sorry you are going through this. It must be frightening for you and the waiting is probably the worst.

    Another thing that can cause false readings on a pap smear is low vitamin D levels. I have frequently had problems with this due to a faulty parathyroid and and another surgical procedure. I have take a dry form of Vitamin D called Twin Labs Allergy D which is Vitamin D3 that is more absorbable for me. You might want to have your Dr. run a blood test for D,25 OH and a PTH test to check your levels.

    Low vitamin D can lead to cancer also but it can also give false problems on the pap smear. I've had my test repeated after 3 months of taking dry D3 vitamin supplements with my calcium/magnesium supplements that showed my PTH and D,25 normal and the pap came back normal after that as well. I do hope you find the best possible news.
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    and with good reason~

    Meaning,..I'd be scared to,..although I will say that in past similar situations, it does'nt pay to worry yourself.
    Many times its nothing to worry about.
    With our diseases,...stress wrecks us!

    I'm no expert but I think a cervix swab can only detect cancer of the cervix. Unless something inside is so advanced its picked up on a Pap.
    If I undersatnd correctly? your past menopause? not having monthly cycles??
    If so,.. then ordering a biopsy is needed to exclude cancers of the reproductive organs. Because many times thats when these cancers arise.
    Your gyno office sounds un-professional.
    They don't return calls? or call you with test results?
    I'd think about another dr.

    Thickening of the uterus can also mean a benign but painful,treatable condition called adeynomyosis. (sp?)
    treatable by removing the uterus only. But it does'nt spread.
    You might look into that, or mention if thats a possible to your dr.
    See if the symptoms match any of yours.

    Saying a prayer that everything turns out ok for you~
    If I can help further,...I'll try.
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    Pap Smears can be tricky, one swab can be fine and another one can show something, at least that is what I have been told. I had pre cancerous cells and had to have many repeat papsmears.
  5. tandy

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    this back up top~

    making sure brandi sees her replys here.

    :) Tandy
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    Thanks for all who replied back on this.. Sorry wasnt able to get back any sooner to read..
    Thank you for your nice thoughts..
    I did get put on the call list if someone cancels.. so hopefully it will get over and done with before that date.
    Thank you all again for replying back.
    I just picked up my antibiotic to take so if they call me I will have it ready at any time..
    Have a good weekend everyone.
    Thanks again..
  7. MsBrandywine

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    I did get a call to get an earlier appt this past monday and I went yesterday, I took my antibiotic that was ordered because of the mitral valve leakage. which is mild..
    The Dr thought I should have the results back by this coming wednesday.

    I let them know that I wasnt very happy with the way things were handled.. Plus the nurse did apologize for giving me the wrong information which.. she said my ultrasound came back ok. then changed her story then she also had said my pap test was ok.. then said it wasnt.. I got the letter in the postal mail and it said it was normal but on the phone she said it wasnt ,that there was some abnormal cells and so.. then she said she didnt say that but I know she did!.. so anyways,

    I dont plan on going back to that Drs office after this is over with.. plus if something does show up.. I plan on getting another Drs opinion.

    So,I did have the biopsy but,good grief!.. talk about hurt.. and cramps.. it took my breath away and I laid there for a good 5 to 10 minutes waiting for them to stop or subside.. breathing as if I was having a baby for petes sakes!...I took 2 Xtra strength tylenol before I got there too.. had cramps off and on all afternoon.. and it was done around 11:40 yesterday. It isnt too bad today..
    The Dr explained that most women when they go thru menopause.. which I am over with.. supposedly.. That the lining changes and mine was 5. something or other and it is suppose to be 4 or less to be normal.. so it wasnt too bad.. but he wanted to make sure everything is ok. He did say that he has seen some women come in and its been about 15.. ( however its measured).. He said sometimes polyps can form and that can cause it to thicken.
    I will just be glad when its over and I know what the heck is going on.. When I read on thickening of the uterus wall.. it says about endrometreous ( sp)..or worse.. cancer.. so I just hope and pray it all works out.. For I am scared.. just trying to keep the faith and believe that God will see me thru this..
    Thank you for the replies and prayers.. I did want to update on this..
    I hope everyone is having a good day.. it is raining and cold here .. in the Northeast..