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    Hi I just got my patches, and kind of nervous never took anything like this. Can you drive while on this patch? It is only 25mg. Want some input from others who have used the patch and how it worked for them. The stuff I read up on it kind of scared me, but then I see many of you are using it. Thanks Virginia
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    i have used the patches for 2 years....i had no side effects...i am on 100 mgs....i change them every 48 hours because the pain returns on the third day.....

    i like them because you get a steady dose of pain relief instead of pills that you take, wait for them to work, they work for a while, wear off, you wait until it is time again...no more rollercoaster of pain control with the patch....

    don't be scared....you can just take it off if you have a problem....25 is a low dose, too....

    let me know if you have trouble keeping them on...i have a solution after lots of experimenting....

    you might love them....don't worry!
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    Thank you ladies! I put one on last night so far so good, at least no shoulder pain right now, does the patch work it's way up slowly? I have it on left side of upper shoulder, a little itchy, is that normal?
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