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    the dr gave me them to use for my pain i have been in so much pain they had to take me off all inflamation meds and asprin i have ulcers in my stomach argh and i tel you the pain is so unbearable well i tried one of the pain patches and man it made me feel so weird and very sick at my stomach the patches are for 3 days i wore it for a day and half i had to take it off i was throwing up and very nasuated at my stomach my stomach even turned sour on me i didnt eat anything to make it sour i took it off last week on friday i got them wenesday evening after my dr appt can anyone tell me did i do the right thing by taking it off and not using it anymore i still have a hard time keeping anything down much iam about at my whits end iam thinking about using aleve again for the pain contro it helps me more then anything but my stomach dr told my mom that thats what caused my ulcers i need some inflamation med to take to help with this does anyone know of any that wont hurt my stomach..
    i had to go to the er to get pain relief im so tired of hurting and not able to enjoy life.. i have a appt with a pain dr but im not sure about going i have medicare and medicade he dont take medicade just medicare i just cant afford to the pay what medicare dont pay thats why i have medicade to take of it arrgh does anyone know of any pain drs that take it in the north ga area gainesville ga area. i know i need to go to one really bad but i cant afford to pay out of my pocket.

    can anyone help me out here i would greatly appricate it

    hugs and love
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    Sorry I don't have any answers, but I'll bump it up so others see it.

    God Bless.
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    I had it after surgery and a staph infection. They said I could not just "go on it" if I hadn't been taking IV pain meds like morphibne - which they had given me in the hospital - so this just sort of stayed in my system adn allowed the pain meds to keep working. I am surprised they went from no narcotic meds to jump to this.

    I started feeling better and noticed I was nauseiated (sp) alot and had no energy. Not sure if I was supposed to this but when I stopped the patches - I had horrible sweating and withdrawl, so I put a 1/2 of one back on for 3 more days and was fine getting off of it. I had no energy because of the drug it was releasing in my system and YES, my stomach was quite upset.

    I have also heard about "yucky" things with those patches and lawsuits, etc.... so I will not touch those again. There are lots of other things to try for pain relief. I would think going from "the patch" to Aleve or Advil would be like taking baby aspirin. The Aleve or Advil also upsets my stomach (I have gerd), so that may not be the best either.

    Don't suffer, the pain management doc was very good at relieving my pain and making me able to function more normally. I hope you can find a way to pay for it... there are a lot better options out there.

    Good Luck!
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    Fentanyl is a narcotic that you can get in a patch form called a duragesic (this is the generic name). There are many dosages that are applied for 72 hours at a time. Dr's prescribe them for chronic pain because the idea is to keep a somewhat constant level of medicine in the system for better pain relief. What dosage did you have? I think 25mcg is the smallest, could be wrong.. could maybe try a smaller dose? I had an allergic reaction to the duragesic as well... had one put on after my gastic bypass surgery because I wouldn't drink the liquid lortab and couldn't swallow pills and can't have any NSAID's. My body turned bright red and I felt so weird.. just "off". Eventually all the skin on my body blistered because it did actually burn me. I ripped it off my back and drank the lortab.... and vomited :) Anyway, didn't work for me either. It's weird cause they give it sometime for people who's stomachs can't tolerate the oral pain meds and then the patch turns around and makes you nauseated more. We're all different, got to keep trying to find what works for us individually. Like you I can't take the NSAID's cause of the ulcer problem (don't have one now, but since my stomach is the size of a golf ball I can't risk getting one). I have to rely on the Lortab (tylenol does nothing alone) or recently tried the methadose and they both work okay for me for now. Other pain meds that aren't NSAIDS are oxycondone, oxycontin, percocet and darvacet (I don't recommend.. lots of tylenol in just one and so you can't take many in a day and it doesn't help me very much at all and is not worth the risks and side effects for me) or even now the lidocane mini patches for trigger point pain. Sorry to be so long winded...

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    I'm so sorry but I couldn't get through your post. I have such a hard time reading a post that has no paragraph breaks. I'd love to read and respond because I am on the fentanyl patch.

    Would you add a couple of breaks please?


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    First of all I am so sorry to hear about your experiences with the patch.

    Here are my experiences:

    I suggested the patch to the doctor I was seeing, and decided to give it a try. Oh my gosh! I got sooo sick from that thing.

    When the patch finally kicked I felt less pain like almost painless which was nice BUT I was so nauseous and I was at a point where I was throwing up too while on it. Nothing I ate could keep the food down.

    Then I experience serious itching-no rashes, just really bad itching and was taking Oatmeal baths to relieve the itching and sugar body scrubs which helped relieve the itching. I usually experienced the itching first before anything else.

    It was hard to take baths and my body cannot stand being in cold water, so I took mildly warm ones and I think opened up my pores more which allowed more of medicine in and caused an overdose.

    A change in weather occurred here and it go hot and I sweat a lot and my body warms up well which caused too medicine to go into my body and I believe I had an overdose as I got really ill from that.

    I also just felt weird like I was not on this planet anymore. Ir caused my IBS to flare up, and so I was stuck in the bathroom with diahhrea, and then one day I decided I couldn't take it anymore and removed the patch.

    More hell from that, and I was just horrible sick, had the chills and high levels of pain. I had trouble swallowing and breathing and I resorted to laying in bed with my heating pad on, and took my muscle relaxers to help stop with some of the tightening of muscles everywhere and that helped. I was burping a lot and I believe that it was a change in my body in addition to the patch.

    So I was burping a lot but with my throat closed up a little it was hard to get burps out and that was painful to go through.

    I had chills, and what felt like was like a zapping, electric sharp wave going through my brain, through my spine and other areas of my body. It was just the withdrawal process.

    SO yeah LOL all in all my body just could not handle the patch. I think if I were to take it again it would have to be the winter or when the weather is cold out here.

    However I don't think I will right now with the new meds I am on now.

    Many hugs!
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    I imagine that you got so sick from the patches because they were too strong. They state on the literature about them to NOT use them if you have never been on stronger narcotics.

    They now make a patch that is only 12.5, or somewhere close to that strength. I tried it, but the adhesive made my skin irritated. I also had trouble with them staying on and had to tape them on.

    I would call the doctor who prescribed them on Monday morning and tell him your experience with them. He may want you to come back in so he can talk over what your other options are for pain control.

    Since you said you have an ulcer, I would not take any more Aleve, aspirin, or other anti-inflammatory at this time. Are you taking any meds to help heal your ulcer? If not, you should be.

    Have you tried the Lidacaine patches? I can't think of the proper name for them now (head too foggy), but maybe someone else can. They are nothing like the Fentanyl patches.

    Until you can get ahold of your doc on Monday, take a lot of hot bathes/showers and use a heating pad on your pain places.

    Hope you get to geeling better.

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    I too have gerd and just get so nauseated with pain meds, seemingly ANY meds! Presently, my neck and head are in an awful flare and I tried taking 1mg Valium, but it gave me the worse headache, so I took (with Prilosec) an enteric asprin and an hour later a tylenol. Just made me feel sick, no difference in the pain.

    Can you suggest anything that helps with the pain that is easier on tummy? I have tried slo magnesium but it gave me the runs.

    Love Anne Cromwell
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    Until you find a pain medication that will work, try the following:

    Warm Baths with either Dead Sea Salt or Epsom Salts, add a little baking soda to soften the water and your skin.

    Massages and Reiki bodywork by someone familiar with our diseases help me so very much.

    I now play relaxation tapes and have found that they help you to relax and in turn helps with the pain.

    I take Oxycontin and Percocet for breakthrough pain and I still rely heavily on alternate treatments to help.

    You know so much about this illness, that you are probably already aware of the things I mentioned but you are always so helpful to everyone else, I hoped that these things may help you also.
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    are a very strong pain medicine, it is a form of pure morphine.

    I have only known a few people who have been on them. All who tolerated it where going through chemo at the time. One other is a friend with very bad Lupas.

    Based on the vomiting I would say the pain dose is to high or way to concentrated for you.

    There are other types of med's that are in a sucker type form. With this type you just suck on the med until you have relief from pain. Then you put it away until needed again.

    Is your doc trying to stop the use of other pain drugs (lower strenght) due to the acetemetphine in them? Due to your ulcer?

    If so, then I would ask about the sucker form...easier to control dosage.

    Keep us informed on how you are doing.


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    Hi Ann... For the Gerd, I take Aciphex every morning on an empty stomach - wait about 1/2 hour or so and eat something light (not greasy & not too sweet) and then I take my medication.

    Recently the pain doc put me on Kadian too and that is a time released formula and has really worked well for me. I do not feel like I am so "up and down" all of the time. I avoid any NSAID's, no Tylenol or Aleve... I also am on coumadin so I can't take those anyway.

    I have bad flares in my hips and butt and in my knees. Recently my neck and shoulders have been a big issue. I have a problem with a nerve in my stomach (from a past surgery), so I may need something for the breakthrough pain eventually, but right now just dealing with it, but sooo much better with the Kadian. I do not feel "loopy" either. I cannot say it is completely gentle on my stomach, but I guess it outweighs having the other pain .

    Are you taking anything for the Gerd??? Protonix worked great for me for a while (then was not as effective) and they switched to the Aciphex. I would think any pain meds, without the right treatment for the Gerd would be harmful to your stomach.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.
    Hugs :) Kim
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