fentanyl patch fell off?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by gwheezy41, Mar 18, 2006.

  1. gwheezy41

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    Hi! I put patch on thursday night about 7pm and can't keep it on, It fell off completely today saturday. Can I put a new one on? Or do I wait till 72 hrs are up and then put new one on? Thanks.....Virginia
  2. cinnveet

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    I was in so much pain I was unable to wait the 72 hours that I did put a new one on.

    I also just saw my Dr. and told him about the 3rd day of no relief and he prescribed me to every 48 hours.

    Also I called the Fentanyl makers and they suggested to use medical tape around the edges, like you would frame a picture. That has helped me alot to keep them on.

    Good Luck!!
  3. Meghanne

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    Ask your doc if they can get you some Tegaderm (wound dressing sheets) to put over the patch. Also, when I was on the patch, if you called the Fentanyl people they would send you adhesive sheets, or reccomend sheets. Tape didn't cut it when I tried that before going with adhesive sheets. Tegaderm is the stuff they usually put on over an IV port, the clear adhesive squares.

    You can also call Smith and Nephew's Wound Management division. You can order OpSite Dressing from them (same as Tegaderm). I've got the 4 x 4 3/4 in size. I DO have the phone number on the package . It's 800-876-1261 they're in Largo FL. I used to work for a different division of this company. Ask for the Frame Delivery, which makes it easier to apply, has to do with how the backing comes off. It leaves a frame around the edge for you to hold onto. Part number is 59410800.