fentynal patch, tylenol, or homones causing adult acne

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    My dr upped my fentynal patch from 25 to 50 mgs, and I had a reaction. My face and neck broke out with tiny bumps and pimples. Not hives, but acne. I went back to the 25 mgs but the acne has not cleared up. I also take percoset for breakthru pain (4xs a day). After reading these boards for about an hour now, I see that if your liver is overloaded, you can break out. I'm also peri-menopausal so I'm wondering confused at what is causing this. One confusing point is I stopped taking tylenol for about 1.5 weeks and there was no change in my skin. I do take Milk Thistle (2 a day). So I'm headed to the store to get additional supplements, acne soap (someone said Clearsil soap really helped them) and the right foods (low-carb diet, more protein right?), my sugar cravings are out of control. If this is hormonal should I be taking anything else? I can't take anything with estrogen, breast cancer in the family. Thanks for anything you can offer.
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    I've learned the hard way....bumping myself.
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    I took the patch off the other day and already I see the difference in my skin. The dr NEVER mentioned anything about this not being good for long term. What an idiot. I told you all, I get more helpful info here than anywhere else. He's going to be really mad that I took myself off but then again when I was in the midst of a flare (I was going into my 2nd week of really hurting) he just blew me off. Told me he couldn't increase my break thru meds and if I ran out go to the ER. I was lucky I didn't experience any withdrawals either, I guess my breakthru meds covered me in that area. Thanks for following up.
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    I have noticed, that with this Record Heat, we are having here where I live, in So.Ca.
    That I am having some breakout's on my chin, I know it's from the sweating, and I try to wash my face with cool water, a few times a day.

    It seems to be helping, I mean at my age, I thought I was through with that, problem, ;o)

    Hope yours clears up fast, since you took the patch off,
    what are doing now for your Pain control, if you don't mind my asking? ;o}

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    The only thing I've been taking is percoset which was my breakthru med. It has tylenol in it too but I supplement with motrin if things really get bad. Also, I take zanaflex or valium when the muscle spasms are unbearable. Right now I'm not in a flare, just the usual so I'm trying to keep up with my yoga and stretching exercises. I'm taking Milk Thistle and Dandelion (sp?) to clean out my liver. I don't know what else to take but that's a great question. Did we screw up our livers for good? BTW, the weather does add to breakouts but the difference in my skin since I took the patch off can't be denied.
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    I just did a search on this website for "repairing liver" and 1 post came up. I don't know if I'm allowed to copy another's post so I thought I would just direct you to it. It talks about Milk Thistle helping repair the liver. Let me know if you can't find it. Good luck.