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    Hi Guys.

    I have been running a fever pretty much off and on for the last few years! I have been following up on what people are saying for fevers and have been on ABX for the last 1 1/2 years for Lyme but the Low-Grade Fevers are still there!

    Sometimes if I sleep really well they go away for a few days but come right back up again! I'm doing Zithromax, Mephron for Lyme, plus I do a Transfer factor for the Immune system and Olive Leaf Extract as well.

    Could these fevers be something else, like hot flashes or hormone related? Has anyone figuered out the fever thing yet?

    Also I know some poeople said they get hot flashes it seems even without fever, that happens to me too, specially at night when I feel totally hot but have below normal temp.!!

    Anyways, if the fever club members or anyone else having issues with fever can chime in that would be great....

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    I'd recommend getting a full hormonal work up just to see where you are at with your hormones. That way you can have an idea if it is hormonal or infection based.

    Lyme can throw a wrench into every single hormone especially thyroid, adrenal and growth hormone.

    I am on:

    DHEA and hydrocortisone for adrenal insufficiency plus an herbal supplement for adrenal support;

    My LLMD thinks many with Bb & evil fiends are deficient in HGH. I went to a conventional endocrinologist to get the diagnosis confirmed and flunked the gold standard stim test for HGH release. Now I'm on .065 of HGH and am still having trouble getting my IGF-1 to stay into normal range.

    I'm on two kinds of compounded thyroid meds - T3 & T4. The TSH test alone can't diagnose a low thyroid problem. Plus ABs to thryoid need to be checked.

    From my work in dealing with women with endo in a support group setting AND as a support group facilitator for Lyme, I have not found anyone with Hashi's who didn't have a history of tick bite and rash.

    I have estradiol and testosterone pellets implanted in my hip. I also take sublingual progesterone 10 days of the month which means I have a menstrual cycle and a libido again. I didn't have either for over 10 years which is why my bone mass is a mess.

    Melatonin helps me sleep. This is the best I've slept in years.

    It costs $175 a month plus doc visits to supplement all 8 hormones. This is where Lyme has hit me the hardest. Seems to me Lyme attacks your weak areas.

    For good tests I'd recommend the following:

    Pregnenolone (Memory hormone -- I found it pointless but it may help you since everyone is different.)

    Adrenal Function:

    DHEA or DHEA Sulfate

    Cortisol levels (some docs like saliva collected at different times through out the day say 8AM, Noon, 4PM, 8PM, Midnight, and 4AM as it gives a better picture of you excretion pattern)

    Sex hormones:
    Free and Total Testosterone (note the word “free” that means what your body has available for immediate use)
    Free with Total Estradiol
    Free with Total Progesterone

    Thyroid function:

    Thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH is only helpful to
    diagnose hypopituitary issues -- NOT to diagnose or dose your hypo or hyper thryoidism !!!)

    Thyroid hormone-binding index
    RT3 (Reverse T3)
    Free T4 and Free T3
    Thyroid Antibodies (anti-TPO and Tg AB. YOU NEED BOTH MEASURED)

    To asses anemia especially if you have Babesiosis!

    Ferritin (and I do stress FERRITIN not a CBC with Red Blood Cell count)


    24 hour urine test for hormone excretion if you have good insurance coverage. This is helpful for endocrinologists and some docs who dose by urine.

    I was found to have low levels in my blood but very high levels in my urine. So I was excreting the hormones I was supplementing without being on HGH. Dr Cheney writes about this in the library here.

    Read Dr Thierry Hertoghe's book "The Hormone Solution" for more on the free vs total topic and 24 hour urine testing.

    How long have you been on Mepron + Zith? I ended up needing 115 days of Malarone (four per day) + Zith (two 250 mg per day) to knock out my Babs symptoms.

    That feeling of brain inflammation has finally left. So has the profuse sweating especially the night sweats. Do you have those?
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    Thanks for the really informative post.

    To tell you the truth, I'm really scared of supplementing Hormones, because of all you hear with cancer and Estrogen and all that stuff. But I guess there is no denying that Lyme has effected my Hormones and I need to address that.

    I'm on Zith (250 1x day) and was on Malrone for a few months (250 2x day) but recently my naturopathic doc muscle tested me and said Malrone was NOT working for me and she suggested I switch to Mephron, which I have and am taking the 750 mg 2 teaspoons a day. Is that enought to knock out Babs? I also have a EBV issue and I think my fevers could be virus related. I started taking these Anti-Viral Pills I got from the FFC and it seems that is knocking out the fever for a few hours but it's right back up again!

    How long did you have fever and how long have you been on ABX? Are you still on it? I've had this stuff for 4 years now and I just can't seem to get rid of it! Munch what else can I do to fight this? If you have any other sugg. let me know...

    Thanks a bunch.

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