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    Hi All, I would like to know if anyone else suffers elevated temperatures after even mild activity, especially in the morning? I've just washed a few dishes, my temp shot up to 99.8 with profuse sweating of the face. If it gets too bad, my head will sweat into my hair.

    I am male with hypogonadism that developed about six years ago. I am in my mid-sixties. I have had CFS (I guess) since 1994, at which time they agreed with my self diagnosis of CFS. Of course they ruled everything else out, including MS (spinal tap). My EBV levels were the highest they had seen, and even in 2005 a doctor told me I still had EBV! Other docs just shine on the EBV thing and say everyone has! What is one to think. I never had mono, swollen lymphs, just fatigue and easy sweating, mind fog, and can't take sensory overload.

    But I digress; does anyone else out there have this sweating after mildest activity? Any answers from your docs?

    I must dry my face now,
    Thanks for any feedback,
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    Barry. I get an AWFUL rush of heat about 45 min. to an hr. after I eat in the morning. I've tried to talk to doctor about it but I get blown off. It's awful, and I'm assuming it's my thyroid kicking in big time. I think I read something about how it takes awhile for the body to "burn" calories or something like that to give energy.
    I've had my thyroid checked so many times T3 ND T4 NOTNG SOWS P. 'I'm sitting here laughing at how this board takes on a mind of it's own.......I tried to "repair above" but nothing doing. Does anyone else aside from Springwater and ME have Ipad troubles? Hmmmmmm......should I get out tea leaves or a ouiji board!

    Anyway.....just wanted you to know I also suffer from unbearable heat.
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    Barry, as you have hypogonadism it could be that you are experiencing hot flashes? As a female of a certain age, I can totally relate to the washing a few dishes and ending up with profuse sweating of the face. Right now for me, brushing my teeth can, and usually does, produce excessive sweating. In my case it is definitely hormones. Would taking supplemental testosterone help you at all?
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    Barry. if this happens in the morning then it may be related to cortisol. For many people with ME/CFS nocturnal cortisol levels are excessive and occur in bursts during the night. This is a possible explanation for the night sweats experienced by most men (and some women) who have ME/CFS and FM.

    While production rates of cortisol are not affected by hypogonadism, high bursts of nocturnal cortisol have been noted in ME/CFS.

    Bursts of cortisol and ACTH will cause raised temperature and sweating. Maybe you are experiencing this in the morning.

    Do you take magnesium? Magnesium has reduced the night sweats in many with ME/CFS.
  5. bct

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    Thanks to all who answered! I will look into the cortisol concept with my doc., who won't know what to say, I'm sure. Ian, is there any remedy beside magnesium, for cortisol control? I will try the magnesium. Thanks for your insights; they are much appreciated.

    Jam and SFGirl, I will certainly bring up thyroid issues with my doc. next visit later this month. I have often wondered about same. Thank you.

    Tigerlilea : I am glad to hear that someone else experiences this. If I were I woman I could relate to menopause, but not sure if the same stuff goes on during manopause! I guess andropause is more apt.

    As for the doc., I don't expect much, but I'm going to squeak a lot, hoping to get the oil that the squeaky wheel demands!

    Best Wishes to All,
  6. IanH

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    Well, in Cushings syndrome fluconazole has been used successfully. Fluconazole is normally used as an anti-fungal but here it is used for and "off-label" use.

    Talk to your doctor about that. However probably no harm in trying it along with the magnesium 400mg. You shuld know within a week or two if the sweats is consistently happening.