fevers, fevers, and more fevers

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    So, I've been really struggling with my low-grade fevers again. I had been getting them every day when this flare-up first began, but then they seemed to settle down to maybe 2 to 3 times per week. Now, all of a sudden, it's back to almost every day. I cannot afford to feel so cruddy, as I do when my temperature is up. And it's not like it's a major fever, but my normal body temp is only about mid-97, so as soon as it goes above 99, I feel it.

    I was at work last night and began feeling soooo achy and fluish. Took my temperature, and sure enough, it was 99.4 degrees. It becomes difficult to function, and I work in a hospital so I can't let it stop me.

    Does anyone else get alot of low-grade fevers? I know that's one of the characteristics of CFS, which is why I strongly think it's immune-related. But, what do you do for the fevers? I usually just take a couple of ibuprofen or tylenol to bring it down, but I only like to do that if I'm really uncomfortable with it, because otherwise I'd be taking tylenol every day for it.

    Gentle healing hugs to all. Thankfully it's a new day, so maybe today will be a good one.

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    PWC usually have more than one chronic infection. It is important to address them. I have a mycoplasma infection which triggered my illnesses full blown 15 years ago. I was on ABX for 2 1/2 years to try to drive it out. Dr. Nicolson says there can be cysts deep inside body tissue which can reactivate. I've been back on ABX for several weeks not because it appears to be trying to make a comeback following a flu bug I caught in Apr.

    The mycoplasma infection opened the door for some kind of Herpes-Family Viral infection to reactivate and it took 1 1/2 years on Famvir to drive it back into latency.

    I now pulse transfer factors to help train my immune system to recognize and kill pathogens in my body. Chronic infections usually operate beneath the radar of our immune systems. They continue to make us sick unless they are treated.

    Love, Mikie
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    I am one of the oens that gets them. Same as you 97-99. SO many dr.s told me this was normal and I am like no it is not nromal to feel the chills everyday. Since last year they have changed a bit. I now just get fever cycles that start like the flu right after ovulation and end the day before my period. My cycle is totally crazy now. I woulk keep a journal or a database. I take my temps three times a day for the past 15 months. I color code things too which makes my drs. laugh but it helps me and I can not predict when I will get them. I sometimes get them in the middle of the month too if I do too much. I have been on an antiviral now for 7 months...I am not sure how well it is working but now my temps only go as high as 100.5 whereas before they would go to 101.2. My aches and chills are not as bad either. My fever are definitely my biggest problem and no dr.(even after 22 specialists) has found the reason for them yet so I keep searching myself! Motrin and tylenol do nothing for me I just have to go with it and know that it will end soon.
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    Flu like symptoms with low grade fevers were my first sign of my auto-immune illnesses. Over time as I changed my entire lifestyle.........food, activities, etc, etc., it went normal.

    Now 25+years later, if I do get a fever, since I can't tolerate OTC's, I take an herbal extract "Elderberry". With just a few drops in water, it drops it immediately.

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    I live in Pa too near Philly. Where do you live?
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    I live right near Allentown. Any good CFS specialists in your area?
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    You are close!!! I go the Philly FFC. I have not found anyone else.

    I take elderberry too but it has yet to do anything for the fevers-I keep hoping!
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    How long did it take for you to get diagnosed with Lupus? I really thougth that is what I had but the drs. all said know-cfs or fevers of unknown origion (for those that don't believe in CFS)

    I always had a lot of the lupus syptoms and saw a Rheumo but they siad I was fine.

    What were the symptoms that you had? How were your pregnencies?
  9. caroleye

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    I began having symptoms of CFS after a near death accident back in the 70's. Inflammation of bladder, gallbladder, endometriosis, etc.

    Then I began having flu-like symptoms in the 80's.....the fatigue, fevers, etc. and was diagnosed with CFS.

    I had not been tested for Lupus during these years; finally in the early 90's, a Dr. suspected it, based on my symptoms. Similar to CFS, but joint pain, mouth ulcers, etc. Sent me to a rheumy & was dx, but whenever tested, one would show positive; the next negative, etc. So they named it "atypical" Systemic Lupus.

    When I had my "one" accidental pregnancy, I was in my early 20's & extremely healthy, so other than the birthing horror, nothing unusual.