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  1. jaybienweb

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    As of late, I've been having higher-than-normal temperatures(usually around 99.1 - 100.2).

    My doctor's telling me it's not actually considered a fever until 101.0. Fever or no fever, it just doesn't feel right.

    Does anyone else experience this? Is it part of my CFIDS?

    Thank you.
  2. obrnlc

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    hi JB
    this is very common, from what i read on boards when i posted the question. I noticed it for years (99.8-100.5).
    i was always worried that i had an underlying infection because i work around newborns. saw doctors for various other ailments (lots of them with this dd) and always mentioned it but no one EVER mentioned fibro! i tried the guaifenesin therapy for 4-5 months and this symptom seems better finally, but now i can't work so it isn't even an issue! Had to get off guai when pain meds had to stop--couldn't take the pain without the pain meds. Good luck--laurie
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    for the longest time my temp was at 102.3 or higher never hitting 103 If I dont have the chills Im sweating so bad I want to get naked but never feal feverish so I thought it was maybe my thermometer cause at the doctors it was 101.7 or around there they never said to much about it. once I took my temp at home before going to the doctor and then the doctor's said the same thing. My doctor told me it could be the meds and said once it hits 103 then contact her, but it never has gotten that high.
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    Especially when I am premenstrual, my body temperature runs about 99.4 to 100.5 or so. Not enough for the doc to do more than brush me off, but I feel it. I can tell when my temp is rising, as the body aches increase, the brain fog rolls in, and sometimes I will get fine hand tremors, too, not to mention the increased fatigue. My eyes feel hot, I start radiating heat, and I just want to curl up somewhere and sleep. (I have FMS.) The body temp is one of the first indicators of an impending and then ongoing flare, for me. The docs need to understand that the FMS body is so very sensitive that these increased body temps ARE a sign of a problem. I kept a log for about 6 weeks awhile back, showed it the doc I had at that time, and he didn't even comment on it. I have a different doc now, as that was one of the last straws with the old one.

    You are not alone!

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    Welcome! This is what I call my "summertime temperature". I tend to run high, right about the temps you describe, all summer, even if I'm indoors in A/C. I really have to watch it outdoors, or I can almost go into heatstroke. In the winter, I tend to run low. I swear we are like amphibians, or some other cold-blooded creature who's temperature varies with the environment! Crazy, isn't it?

    I think a lot of us have this....