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    I feel that I have had CFS for the past 4 years snce a bad case of Mono. Have yet to be diagnosed---have been very pro-active with all my numerous specialists this past month and am trying to get some sort of answer. I haven't worked in 10 months and am going to try for disability but the chances seem slim w/ no diagnisis. Any way, the question I wanted to ask is do you all get fever to combat these infections that we all seem to have? As sick as I've been, even with mono, I have NEVER ran a fever, in fact it's always stayed fairly low grade about 97.4. Is this a factor in CFS/FM? One of the reasons why we cannot get well? I have been a really sick gal lately and it seems to be relentlously getting worse. I got Thyroid Eye Disease 2 years ago and have had a really rough battle with this. This is where the thyroid attacks the eye---like Graves disease but I've been hypo thyroid for 6 yrs. I have bad double vision in my right eye and they want to do surgery on it. I am hesitant. Hopefully you all can understand this--a lot of times it confuses me not to mention my Dr.'s when I reveal what I feel about my overall condition. I have always felt like this thyroid eye disease felt more like a bad infection in my eye. I felt like it was another manifestation of my CFS/FM. I get sore throats and head aches on the right side(my bad eye is on the right.) and now my ear hurts really bad on the right. Went to an ear, nose and throat Doc. and he says I'm losing hearing in my right ear from an "autoimmune ear infection." I'm saying I do not think surgery is going to take care of my eye. I feel totally infected all the time with flu-like symptoms--very CFS. I find myself getting totally discouraged b/c just when I think my health cannot get worse it does and other symptoms come up. The stress of all of this gets to me---how can I not let it? For the past two weeks I've added IBS/nausea to my list--could be stress or CFS(I'm a poet>) Just want someone to understand and perhaps help me unravel all of this--gets really hard w/ the brain fog--even having a hard time filling out my disability papers. Any help would be appreciated b/c I get really scared at times. I do not post much but read the board often tryin to find answers. Hope for some responses, Cat
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    I have cfs and fibro. My temperature is either low 97.4 or it runs at 99.4 there is no inbetween, or so it seems. I also have the IBS and nausea. I also feel like I have a bad case of the flu that won't go away. lol Anyway, keep on trying until you get a diagnosis. Don't give up! Good luck with your surgery and keep us posted.