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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by scotlandrose, Nov 19, 2005.

  1. scotlandrose

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    Please let me know what your experiences have been at this clinic. Any problems? How about results...

    Scotland Rose
  2. ldbgcoleman

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    I started at the FFC Atlanta at the end of April. I have posted in detaial about my experiences there. Thebottom line is they found two main causes of my symptoms. Mycoplasma and Active EBV. I started treatng for these and have gooten so much better! I am doing things I never thought I would do again. You can also check karatelady52, countrymom, dalphia, gallygal or search by topic FFC or Atlanta FFC.

    The Dr there is Dr Bullington she is very understanding and no nonsense. She will work with you and they will not stop until they find answers! Everyone there has been terrific to me. I have also met many people there who have been going for a while and have greatly improved. The only people who seem to not be getting better are those that are not following treatment or have quit before 4 months.

    It will take 4 months to a year to get better. You will get worse first then you will beging to feel better. The longer you have been sick the longer it seems to take. If you have Lymes it takes much longer.

    I hope this helps and please feel free to ask any questions you have.

    Love your screen name! Lynn
  3. karatelady52

    karatelady52 New Member

    I second everything Lynn just said.

    I've had pain and stiffness for probably thirty years which ultimately led to a FM/CFS diagnosis about 7 years ago. That doctor didn't help me at all except to give me very light pain meds which didn't help much.

    I started going to the FFC in March of this year.

    All my hormones were low so they put me on bio-identical hormones which have helped me a lot.

    They tested me for hypercoagulation (thickening of blood from viruses) and put me on Heparin to thin it.

    Then they tested me for lyme disease and viruses and I do have lyme (the big trouble maker) and 3 viruses.

    I'm now on antibiotics for the lyme which I've had to slowly work up to full strength. I'm at the stage where I'm feeling fairly rough from the die-off of the lyme but at least I know I'm on the way to getting well.

    I love the FFC in Atlanta. They are caring, will call you back promptly and Dr. Bullington is a very good doctor.

  4. scotlandrose

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    Thanks for sharing your experiences. I have been going to the Ft. Worth FFC for about 2 years and they are GREAT!

    Went to the Atlanta FFC when Dr. Kelley was there and it was great.

    I had such a bad experience with Dr. Bullington, I ended up calling headquarters concerning the whole clinic and everyone who worked there. Scared to recommend them or ever return.

    Thanks again.
    Scotland Rose
  5. ldbgcoleman

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    What on earth happened with Dr B?? I have had nothing but good experiences with her. MAybe it was a misunderstanding?? Take Care- Lynn

    PS if you had a bad experience and would never go back why ask about it in a post??? L[This Message was Edited on 11/21/2005]
  6. scotlandrose

    scotlandrose Member

    I was just checking my perceptions vs others. Thought maybe I was wrong or misunderstood. I might have gotten the wrong impression of Dr. B., but the rest of the things that happened were just *********.

    Too tired to give details tonight, but I can tomorrow if you want to know.

  7. ldbgcoleman

    ldbgcoleman New Member

    Sorry so long to respond. I would love to know what happened. You had to have gotten the wrong impression or was it someone no longer there. Everyone there has been so terrific to me. Take Care! Lynn
  8. bpmwriter

    bpmwriter New Member

    i would very much like to hear the specifics of what happened. i've never had a problem with the atlanta clinic myself, except for sometimes feeling like i'm steering the ship instead of vice versa. no conflict though. what happened?

  9. scotlandrose

    scotlandrose Member

    Sorry I have not responded as quickly as I would have liked. Had an allergic reaction to the preserative in the Growth Hormone shots I was taking. They were helping SO much! Doc in Ft. Worth is going to switch me to a form with no extra chemicals as soon as I get over this ugly reaction.

    Anyway, here is what happened to me at the ATL FFC.

    First visit was with Dr. Kelley and IV nurse Julie. Everything went great. Began the process of having my files switched from the Ft. Worth office, getting to know Dr. Kelley etc....

    Second visit. Called and made appointment with Freida. Told her SPECIFICALLY that I was coming for
    1. The LEAP allergy test
    2. A 1 hour appointment with Dr. B.
    3. Silver IV treatments

    Appointment was set for the next Monday 8:30 or 9:00 AM (can't remember exact time). I would have a ONE HOUR appointment with DR. B. I would get the LEAP allergy test. I asked if there was anything special I needed to do for this test, i.e. fasting....Freida assured me there was not. I was told the ATL FFC was not giving Silver IV's anymore. I advised that they were giving them at the FT. Worth and other clinics. Freida put me on hold and came back to say NO Silver IV's. I asked her why they were not giving the IV'S and the other clinics were. I advised her how badly I needed them. I asked her if she had been faxed all this info from Ft. Worth office. She had all my info. I was only going to get the Leap test and one hour with DR. B.

    Gave my 3 parrots as much food and water as possible, locked them in their cages for safety, and drove 4 hours on Sunday from Nashville to Atlanta to stay overnight.

    Morning appointment on Monday. Met Dr. B. She had my whole file from Ft. Worth. As she was looking over all my test results, she had to ask me what some of the tests were and what they were for. She then looked at the faxed info from Dr. Sharp and we went over the bloodwork I needed: Leap test, adrenal tests, thyroid test. We then discussed my main concerns and problems. I had just been diagnesed with a horrible case of Breast Cysts, very painful. My Gyno wanted my CFIDS doc to go over options with me and check me since it was a really bad case and was associated with CFS. Dr. B said she had heard of Evening Primrose Oil helping but could give no details. I asked about hormone therapy my Gyno suggested and Dr. B knew nothing. I asked if she could find out and she jotted down a note in my file and said she would let me know if she heard anything. I also had a bad gut yeast infection. I had a list of everything I had tried and it was alot. Could not take Diflucan or other meds like that since I was allergic. She looked at the list and said I had tried everything she had heard of. Maybe it would just take some time. Since I had had it a year, I asked if she could find out if there were anymore options. She made another note in her file and said she'd keep an ear out for any info. She did not have much info on any questions I had, and did not seem very interested in helping me. At this point, she said our 30 minutes were up. I said I had booked ONE HOUR. We confirmed that with Freida. Sorry for the mix up honey, but I have another patient. You can always make another appointment. I advised I lived 4 hours away. No appology or attempt to do anything. I would just have to come back.
    The last thing she did was take my list of meds I needed refilled and went to write out the scripts. I had listed EVERYTHING I take and had wanted to go over which pain, sleep, and other meds were best for me. I ended up getting 2-3 pain meds, 2-3 sleep meds, refills on everything listed. I got every drug I asked for, fine by me, but I really wanted to know which meds were better for me. Strange a doc would fill 12-15 scripts, especially pain and sleep meds with no questions asked.

    I was sent in the next room for the bloodwork. The girl was nice and caring (can't remember her name), and had no problem drawing the blood. When she finished, she handed me a few papers and said I would have to fill them out for the LEAP Allergy Test, AND BRING THEM BACK THAT AFTERNOON WHEN I HAD THE TEST DONE. WHAT!!!???? I told her I had booked a morning appointment to get everything done at the same time. We called Freida in and I asked her if she remembered when I called for my appointment. Yes she did, a LEAP test and 1 hour appt. with Dr. B. The nurse asked if she knew the LEAP test had to be done late in the afternoon so the blood was sent to the lab asap. Freida said she knew that. Then why the H*** was I booked for a morning appt? Freida said there must have been some kind of mix up. Yeah. I could wait around 5 hours, or come back another time. No appollgy or anything.

    I was pissed at this point to say the least. I sat in the waiting room for a minute and decided I did not want to make another 8 hour trip for a blood test. I went into Freida's office to pay and said I would be back in the PM for the LEAP Test. Freida asked me then if I wanted the Silver IV now or later...WHAT??!! I reminded her that she said their office did not give them anymore. Apparently, she had called headquarters a week ago when I made the Appointment and found out that they could still give Silver IV's. I asked why she did not call and tell me, did she not remember how much I needed them? She said she thought of it, but had been too busy. She had been SO BUSY in the past week she could not make a 2 minute phone call to me. Fine. I would go ahead and get the silver IV. I paid and went back to the "IV NURSE" as she called herself.

    Don't know the name of "THE IV NURSE", but do know she is still there. She put the IV in my left arm and turned the thing on. Those things burn a little, but I had never felt pain like that before. She was getting tape for the IV as I was watching a lump begin to form on my arm. Felt like battery acid. Asked her to turn the IV off, it was not in the vein. She said it was and was trying to tape it down. I was trying to reach to turn the machine off. The pain got so bad I was shaking and crying. She would not do anything. I screamed for her to take it out and she was still trying to tape it down. DR. B. came running in as I pulled the needle from my arm. For once, Dr. B. looked concerned. She said the IV had not been in the vein. The IV nurse disagreed with her and was mad at me for getting blood on her tray. I was in pain and shock. Had to ask for an ice pack. The nurse brought it over with a new IV needle and was gonna try to put the thing in my right arm. I told her in simple terms to get away from me. I MAY try the IV when I come back in 5 hours.

    Drove around with 1 arm for a while, got something to eat, and slept in my car till 3PM. Went back and had the LEAP test. No problem with the needle there. Went back to get the silver IV. Lady poked at me quite a while till she finally and really hit a vein. She said you can only get an IV in a vein you can see. WHAT? I am unfortunately all too well aquainted with needles and knew that was not true. Glad to be getting the IV finally so I could go home. Was unnerved at the fact that in that IV room, there were uncapped needles left on the counter and a tray next to a chair. I kid you not.

    Before I left, I told Freida how disappointed I was in all the crap they had put me through. Mistakes happen, but that was the worst day ever. I also told her I was disappointed that no one ever said a simple sorry. She still did not say it even then. I paid and left with my handfull or prescriptions. Was advised it would take 3 weeks for my test results to come in.

    I had planned to be home by noon, but did not get back to Nashville till early evening. My poor birds had no food or water. They are all I have and I felt so bad.

    You would think the story would end there. Wrong. I got a call from the LEAP Test Lab in Florida on Friday. They said they had been trying to get payment for the test, one of those handeling fees or something, all week. They had the paperwork I had filled out but no credit card release, from me. The ATL FFC had been trying to forge my signature. The lab had a copy of my signature on the papers I filled out and it did not match at all. I had to have them fax a Kinkos about 30 minutes from my house, go sign the CC form and fax it back. The lab wanted to know what the heck was wrong with the office I had the test done in. I said a lot.

    I called Ft. Worth and advised them of all the problems in ATL. They advised me to call headquarters. They did not want an office to put the whole company in jeopardy or make the others look bad. I called and advised headquarters. I got an appology from them and they promised to check into the situation and get back to me. They never did.

    Perhaps DR. B. and I did not hit it off that day. The rest of the problems were not and could not be misunderstandings. Incorrect info, dirty lab, lack of inneroffice communication, forgery. I probably would not have even reported them if they had just said sorry or even acted like they cared. The only one who showed any kind of sympathy was the nurse who drew the blood, not "THE IV NURSE" as she called herself.

    That's it. Lived in Atlanta 10 years and have a job waiting for me when I move back. My old internship supervisor is an angel and will let me work as little or as much as I want. Was excited about the FFC in the same area of Atlanta. Place really scares me.

    I hunted down Dr. Kelley and she is at another clinic in the same area! I am so happy!

    I am still a patient at the Ft. Worth office. I think overall, the clinics are GREAT. Dr. Sharp will remain my doctor, but said he would work with Dr. Kelley if I used her sometimes in Atlanta.

    Sorry so long. Let me know if you have questions. I may give them a second chance in the future, everyone deserves that. Then again, I may not.


  10. Countrymom

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    Thanks for the explanation. Sounds like you had a very bad day.

    I have started going to the FFC Atlanta in September and have had no problems like you mentioned. I have found them to be polite, friendly, and very professional. Sounds as if things have changed for the better since you were there.
    Sorry you had such a bad experience,

  11. ldbgcoleman

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    Sounds like the perfect storm on that day. maybe they were doing the credit card thing to try and get your test since you needed it.

    As far as Dr B goes I also switched to her from Dr Kelley and I think she had a lot to learn in a very short time. She didn't have the answer to a question I had but she called a fellow FFC person and got the information and called me back. I was in the dental industry for over 20 years and did product training but every once and a whle a dentist would stump me and I would have to research the answer.

    The only time I have ever seen a problem there was one day when a patient showed up on the wrong day and they squeezed her in which got them way off schedule. Maybe you will give them the benifit of the doubt since so many others are having good experiences there.

    Good Luck on your treatment
  12. scotlandrose

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    Could not have said it better myself. That day was my Perfect Storm. As for the credit card thing, the lab stated plainly that the Atlanta FFC was trying to forge my name. No midunderstanding. Even asked if I wanted to press charges. I did not because Dr. Sharp in the Ft. Worth office said it might hurt all the FFC's (him) in the end. I only did not press charges for Dr. Sharp.

    Anyway, found a new CFIDS doc in the Atlanta area. GREAT DOC!!!!!!! Great treatment plan!!!!! Lucky to become a patient since the doc is not taking new ones...let ya know when the doc does....

  13. pawprints

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    Sorry you had a bad experience in Atlanta. I am a new patient of Dr. Sharp's. I flew to see him in Ft. Worth recently.

    Can you share with me your results in working with him, your diagnosis and how long you were his patient? He seems to have a different mindset than some of the other FFC's in terms of treatment.

    Any thoughts you could share with me on the treatments he recommended for you would also be appreciated. Other than distance, is there any reason you didn't want to stay with him?

    Thanks for your comments.
  14. vacrow

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    Could you please tell me the name of the dr. you are now seeing in Atlanta? I know he is not taking new patients, but would be interested later on?

    Is his treatment plan as expensive as the FFC?

    I need something I can afford.

  15. fmcurepls

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  16. Countrymom

    Countrymom New Member

    I have never had a bad experience with her. She is so caring and so willing to help. She has learned ALOT in the last year and is alot more comfortable now with the treatment plans.

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