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    hi- i've been trying to find a post where someone listed all the different blood tests the FFc runs. i can't seem to find it, i searched back a lot of posts. does anyone have the list??
    i don't feel i have it in me to travel all the way to the FFc, and i wanted to see what tests were run, and if maybe my current doc could do them, if they were not done yet.
    thanks for the help
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    The post for you. It should be near the top.
    It's called FFC bloodtests just like your post/
    Good Luck!
  3. horselover2

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    help anyone?
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    here is a copy and paste from somone else's post. i personally have not been to an FFC.


    FFC Blood Tests 07/02/06 10:35 AM

    Hi place,
    This was a great idea to post. My tests were a little bit different.

    The testing is done by Quest Labs. It is very important to note that all of us with CFIDS/FM should be tested for Lyme Disease and co-infections by Igenex labs, not Quest.

    Usually the doctor will first order an Elisa test, which is not reliable, especially for late stage lyme. So even if tested with this and it's negative, it's critical to ask for an Igenex Western Blot, even if you have never had a known tick bite. My lyme disease was not picked up until I got the Igenex.

    Good luck to all!

    First Visit Labs:

    Comprehensive Metabolic Panel – 17 tests (sodium, potassium, chloride, carbon dioxide, calcium, alkaline phosphatase, AST, ALT, Bilirubin, glucose, urea nitrogen, creatinine, bun/creatine ratio, protein-total, albumin, globulin-calculated, a/g ratio)

    CBC w/Diff and Plt – 21 tests (WBC,RBC, hemoglobin, hematocrit, MCV, MCH MCHC, RDW, platelet count, platelet sufficienty, neutropyilis-absolute, lymphocytes-absolute, monocytes-absolute, eosinophils-absolute, basopyils-absolute, total neutropyils %, total lymphocytes %, monocytes %, eosinopyils %, basopyils %, RBC morphology)

    DHEA Sulfate
    Homocysteine, CVD
    Sex hormone binding globulin
    T4, Free
    T3, Free
    Thyroglobulin AB
    Thyroid Peroxidase AB
    Lipoprotein (A)
    Cortisol, Total, Serum
    Magnesium, RBC
    Heavy Metals, Blood (Mercury, Lead, Arsenic)
    Cortisol, Free
    Fibrinogen, QN
    ALK Phosphatase, Bone
    ACTH, Plasma
    IGF Binding Protein-3
    Interferon-Alpha, EIA
    Iron & TIBC, Serum (Iron, TIBC, % Saturation)
    Cardio CRP
    Hemoglobin A1C
    Insulin, Serum
    Vitamin B12, Serum
    EST, Westergren
    IGA, Serum
    IGG, Serum
    IGM, Serum
    Folate, RBC
    Thyroid Studies: Triiodothyronine, Reverse
    RNASE-L Activity
    NK Cell Activity
    TSH Autoantibody
    T3 Autoantibody
    N-Telopeptide (NTX), Serum
    T4 AB
    VAP TM Cholesterol Test
    Aldosterone, LC/MS/MS
    Osteocalcin, Human
    Testosterone, Free/TOT, LC/MS/MS
    Testosterone, %, Free
    Testosterone, Free
    Testosterone, Free/TOT,LC/MS/MS
    Testosterone, Total

    Second set of labs:

    Candida albicans panel
    C. Pneumo AB (IGG, A, M)IF
    Epstein Barr Virus AB Panel
    Lyme Disease IGG, WB
    M. Pneumoniae (IGG) Titer, IF
    M. Pneumoniae (IGM) Titer, IF
    Coxsacki Type A
    Coxsacki Type B
    EBV Early Antigen
    Echovirus Serum
    Ehrilichia Chaffeenis ABS
    Lyme Disease IGG/IGM
    Nasal Swab for Coag Net Staph
    Poliovirus Type 1-3

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    someone just bumped up a post for FFC tests which i didn't even think to do, but if you do a title search on this site for

    FFC blood tests

    you will find even more posts on this topic.

  6. horselover2

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    ok , great thanks for all your help!

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