FFC Centers and Pain Management?????

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by lovstoshine, Sep 27, 2005.

  1. lovstoshine

    lovstoshine New Member

    I have been trying to follow the updates on those of you who are going to the new FFC Centers and I am wondering if they are giving you anything for your pain??

    If anyone has posted that I have just missed it. Just curious if you still have to find a pain management to go to??

    Sure would be nice to be able to get it all done in one appt.

  2. bpmwriter

    bpmwriter New Member

    yes, the docs (at least dr. b at the atlanta ffc) are open to rx'ing pain meds. they're careful to explain that pain meds do not address the roots of the problem and the lowest effective dose is the best, but they're very understanding and sympathetic when it comes to pain management.

  3. hopeful4

    hopeful4 New Member

    Hi Jeanie,
    You bring up a really good question. I can only tell you that I have more of the CFS than the Fibro and experience a lower level of pain than many of our friends here. It wasn't until I was actually at the FFC that I was diagnosed with Fibro as well.

    With that said, as part of my first appointment I had an IV therapy. At that time it was called "Oxidatative IV" (they use a different one now). It helped me greatly with improved energy, and brain function.

    The great surprise for me was that it also eliminated all my pain, completely. It wasn't until that moment that I even realized how much pain I had been in, but had just gotten used to functioning with it. All of my joints, muscles, and TMJ were gone! This lasted for a couple of weeks. I have not gone for regular IV therapy because I live in another state from the FFC.

    I am not on a take-home prescription for pain management, but I do believe that they would have some various ways to help. Have you tried calling their toll-free number? They may be able to answer your question with more information.

    Best wishes and good health to you,

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