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    To put some minds at rest I called the Philly office to get the scoop. They were not aware of the closing so they called the Regional Manager who told her, "yes, the Houston center is closing as of March 1st. Apparently, the current doctor is leaving and they have not been able to find a new doctor. There is no reason to worry about any other center closing. It is certainly not an issue of not having patients especially for the Philly office! We just this week added 2 more chairs to the IV room, for a total of 8!! We are NOT going anywhere!

    The Regional Manager is concerened and said she may post something on this site or notify clients that are concerned to put their mind at ease. They are very willing to talk about the situation.

    I hope this helps some:)
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    Thanks for the information. It is my understanding that they want to open more clinics but just cannot find the right doctors in certain locations. This came from the Regional Office.

    On a side note, how often are you getting the IV's and which ones? Are you also getting shots there or at home?

    Regards, Shana

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    I only got 4 standard IV's every week for 4 wks. I felt too gross getting them and my stress levels would get so high that it made me feel worse much longer then it should. I do think they are beneficial though and I haven't written then off completely. I am suppose to get 8 wks. of the super antivirals. If I don't get better with everything else then I will give them a try but it is last on my list.
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    Thanks for the answer. I hope you won't need them if they upset you that much.
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    I just hate needles and being hooked up to something.
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    WHy do you want to know? Are you a patient? I do not even think to look at that stuff. Do you ask about this info at every hospital, drs. or dentist's office you visit?
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    Jane, I don't think she's going after them ...

    It's not a bad idea to understand more about a specialty clinic's (that does not have hospital affliations) financial planning and solvency, especially if you are a patient.

    Clinic based healthcare company ... raised 4.5 million in venture capital last October from SSM Partners. Previously raised capital from Resevoir Partners.

    SSm's general partner Wilson Orr joined the company's board of directors at time of funding. Commensuarte with investment, David Gnass (who you will see on their website) assumed role of CEO of FFC,Inc.. He was prior CEO Natural Specialty Clinis.

    Andy Davis .... also a SSM partner joined last fall ... Former Columbia HCA and few more .... You can google SSM and get more info.

    You can look this up too ... Crobern Management Partnership .... private equity investors in healthcare ... have invested too ... They have several other companies in their portfolio ..Medcor and Sleep Med have a few interchangable players w/ FFC .... Other companies of interest Healthprolink and Myerson.

    If you look into Crobern and/or SSM you might find some of the info you are interested in.

    Having had recent infusion of capital does make you wonder about Houston Clinic though ....

    Take care,


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    For the info .... I'm not from Texas obviously, but I didn't picture Houston as a non-cutting edge type medical center ... I don't know if I used the right words to describe that thought, LOL

    My city is not on Houston's scale, but I think we might be way ahead in FFC-type treatments ....

    I hope you are doing OK .... Were you a Houston patient? My sister goes to Dallas ... She sees Dr Kippels, maybe you could check that out.

  9. jane32

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    hopefully it will help people that want to know.

    I don't realy care about that stuff.I only care if they are helping me to get better and they are. Even if they were illegal I wouldn't care since they have been SO helpful and I feel I am on the road to recovery.
  10. elsa

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    Miss Jane ... you're funny ... Don't care if illegal ... LOL ..... Guess what? Couldn't care less either .... If it helps me .... then there you have it and get out of my way!

    Hope you are doing well .... Take care ....


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