FFC Patients - Question Regarding Insurance Reimbursement

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    Fellow FCC-ers,

    Did anyone who goes to the FFC EVER have any luck getting either Medicare or Medicaid to pay ANYTHING towards their fees at the FFC?

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    titled (something like) "who's getting better at FFC"

    Someone mentioned that Medicare paid her whole bill for the blood tests that were performed at Quest Labs. I was amazed because I went to an FFC (L.A.) and turned down the tests because I just ASSUMED that Medicare would not pay for it. I would have gone for it had I known that!

    I just went to FFC to see if I could try Xyrem. I knew I'd spend forever otherwise trying to find "regular" doctor who would prescribe it. (I DID get a one month supply of Xyrem and so far it's not a quick fix...don't know if I have the patience to ride out the getting-used-to-it phase).

    Anyway, Monday I am going to see if Quest will really do the blood tests advised by the doctor. I must be assured Medicare will pay, because I can't. This is not actually an FFC fee of course, but is a big part of the cost.
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    Yes, Medicare will pay for the blood tests that the FFC physician orders in their entirety at Quest Diagnostics. I take Xyrem too and love it! It has been one of the most effective medications I have ever been on. I got a free one-month supply from my FFC doctor. Is that what you got? From here on out, after I use the free supply, my prescription drug coverage (Humana) will cover it! It is included in their formulary and doesn't require a prior authorization or anything. Best of all, my co-pay will be $3.00! Did anyone provide you with a schedule for increasing the Xyrem dosage? If you want to check about the coverage of the lab tests, call the FFC; the labs are right there in their offices! Hope to hear back from you!

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    I spent about $12000 at the FFC and wasn't any better off- if anything I was worse. The doctor kept telling me that I had to continue the high doses of antivirals and high doses of doxycyline if I wanted to get better. He also had me on hormones. The problem is that if you have any issues pertaining to these treatments they tell you that you have to see your personal physician- well that's crap because most physicians don't know where to start. Also, I was horrified at the fact that I was taking such large doses and also taking supplements and they never checked my liver or followed me. This is outrageous. We are so desperate, but I don't think that they are following our health correctly. They seem to just keep shoving meds and supps and not monitoring properly!! As far as the hormones- I think it is extremely unsafe what they are doing! &lt;BR&gt;
    Just my opinion. However, on the bright side- all of the documentation did get me disability.. if you can call that a bright side. &lt;BR&gt;
    Also, they won't even tell you what are in the IV drips- that is scarey!! I was deathly ill from the antiviral drips and no-one could help me because they would not release the information for the drips.&lt;BR&gt;
    I'm sure it works for some, but it is a huge risk to take and an expensive one.
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    Queen of Sleep, did you read my story??? It goes into detail pertaining to how the F&amp;F Center caused my heart attack and put me in severe cardiac heart failure. Please check it out.&lt;BR&gt;