FFC people, everyone who responded, 2nd Visit in Torrance,Ca.

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    Dear all, First of all thank you to all who replied to my post concerning being upset about my visit and such.

    I met with Dr. Tenebaum again. I tried to address some of the things that weren't covered at the first visit. I told him about the pain in my feet, difficulty walking because of pain, turning bluish and cold, and also red and hot. I mentioned that my Rheumy wants to do a bone scan to try and rule out RSD. He didn't really know what to say about this.

    He then went over my blood work. The things that stood out were low NK cell - 3.90 20-50 norm. so, really low
    EBV IGG,Serum 162
    EBV Nuclear Antigen 62
    So, tested positive for EBV

    Free T3 2.53 2.30-4.20 so, low normal
    Free T4 1.17 0.8-1.8
    Testosterone 28 20-76 low normal

    My Serotonin and IGF-1 did not get done, because they needed multiple samples and lab only took one sample Woops

    DHEA 49 35-430 low normal
    Estradiol was normal, I take estrace..

    So, sent me home with DHEA, ProBoost for NK cell, some serotonin capsules, compounding pharm sending thyroid meds.

    I had a Hydrogen Peroxide IV didn't feel any different with that. I was suppose to have an anti-inflammatory IV also. I just assumed they were combined, but the nurse missed this and I was suppose to have that one seperately,.
    They were super busy, I can see why things get kind of screwed up there.

    One thing I could use some help with is the EBV. I've heard that once you have had this, your numbers will always be high? I don't have any symptoms of a cold,swollen lymph nodes or such. Just wondering about this.

    Also, any other advice on getting the NK cell no. higher?
    What about garlic?


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    All I can tell you is I have Ebv and mycoplasma and I strted feeling tons better when I started taking the antibiotics. I am taking the synthetic thyroid as well and have been retested. My thyroid is completely normal now so I am staying on the same dose. You may feel worse befor eyou get better! Lynn
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    ....I am very new to the FFC centers too.

    My 2nd visit in the Dallas, TX center will be on 11/3. Can't seem to stand the wait. I am so excited about getting better.

    I did notice a diff my first visit with the Standard IV + pain meds drugs added.

    I a newbie in this area but have heard so many struggle for a little bit trying to get these DD under control, but it happens. I have heard so many good happy ending stories already here.

    I hope that others will post with the info you've requested. I just wanted you to know that there are others who are here for you.

    I pray you are feeling better soon!

  4. laura81655

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    I do believe these centers are helping others. I was talking to a women who had Ovarian cancer three years ago. The IV's were helping her digestive system which was damged by the chemo that she had. The thyroid meds gave her energy back and she is losing weight now.

    I also talked with a women who was having her third treatment for fibro. She said she noticed a difference after her second visit from the IV's.

    Everyone is unique with these DD's. Some people may respond to things offered here and other's won't. It just seems to be trial and error.

    Thanks for responses,


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