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  1. mollystwin

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    I finally convinced by primary care dr to run some tests because FFC is not covered by my ins so I was trying to get as many things covered before my FFC appt in late April. She says all my tests are normal except my candida blood test. She wants to see me today and put me on diflucan which I understand the FFC uses to treat candida. I have been taking three doses of threelac per day for the past month along with oxygen elements plus and active enzymes. Can I or should I still take these when I'm on Diflucan?
    Does anyone know when I can expect to feel better?
    I plan on going on the candida diet as well. I have been on it somewhat for the last month, but have been eating whole grain breads and milk and cheese. I will eliminate these as well.
    Would appreciate any feedback!!!
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  2. fairydust39

    fairydust39 New Member

    I use Nystatin USP powder and mix 1/8 tsp. with water and drink once a day. It is prescription but (not systemic) doesn't hurt you like Diflucan. It is cheap too. It has to be kept in refrig and comes with a measuring spoon.A big jar last for a very long time.
    Hugs Shirley
  3. mollystwin

    mollystwin New Member

    I gradually worked up to the three packs and yes I did herx, but it wasn't too bad. I used sea salt baths when herxing and that helped a lot. I think I have had this issue for 30 years, since a teenager because of bad diet and then birth control pills. I have had yeast infections and other weird fungal skin infections since I was 18. This yeast appears to be deeply entrenched in my system and I believe it's caused leaky gut. I also have major sinus and fluid in my ears for the past three years that I've never had before. Also major muscle pain, fatigue, brain fog anxiety, etc. Most of the symptoms got better when I went off sugar and started the threelac, but if I eat any little thing with wheat or sugar etc my symptoms return. I've heard of others with similar issue that went on very strict candida diet and antifungals for a year or more to get rid of it. I think I may have to do that. Diflucan can cause liver problems, so my liver would have to be monitored if I was on it over two weeks. I heard though it's potent and works well and some drs start with that for a week or two and then switch to the nystatin for six months or longer. THis appears to work for many folks with the stubborn sytemic infection. I just didn't know if I chose that route if I should stop the threelac or cut back maybe to one pack or something. Thanks for your input. I will try garlic and Onions too I think.
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  4. ldbgcoleman

    ldbgcoleman New Member

    The FFC gave ne Nystatin from a compounding pharmacy. I also take jarro Dophilus in the am and Garlic in the PM. My problem was moderate and is completely gone now. I eat wahat I want in moderation now. Lynn
  5. Jeanne-in-Canada

    Jeanne-in-Canada New Member

    You are doing much better on Threelac. Natural antifungals and probiotics are far superior to the perscriptions. W/ rx antifungals you always run the risk of developing resistant forms of candida. This happened to me w/ Nystatin. Diflucan, as you know is very hard on the liver and it's not better than what you are taking. I was put on Diflucan for a short course and it didn't budge a thing.

    Dr's have a bad habbit of assuming that perscriptions are the heavy hitters and supplements are always weaker. When it comes to antifungals this is very very far from the case. I've had serious candida for 7 yrs since I was put on a long course of abx for mycoplasms. I've ran the gammut w/ a.f. from both sides of medicine and I can attest from personal experience, natural are superior, and safer.

  6. hopeful4

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    Hi Molly,
    I don't know about the diflucan plus threelac. I could not tolerate the diflucan although I stayed on it for 3 months, very sick. Others tolerate it well.

    Now, I'm on ABX, so taking Nystatin and probiotics for the yeast.

    The diet is very important to help eliminate the candida. There are some past posts here on the candida diet. As you seem to be aware of already...the bread and cheese have got to go!

    About the FFC and insurance. It may be true that your insurance will not cover the FFC. However, the lab is separate from the FFC. They use Quest Diagnositics for most lab work.

    The Quest Lab at FFC will take your insurance card and bill for you. You may want to check with your insurance to see if this arrangement will work for you and if you are covered for the Quest Lab.

    Best wishes,
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  7. mollystwin

    mollystwin New Member

    I have an HMO and it will not cover anything. Even the lab work that my PCP ordered I will have to pay for because the DX was fibro/cf. They will not pay for any testing related to those diagnosis because they think tests cannot detect the illness. And they have thier own labs, they do not participate with Quest. They will pay for prescriptions only if writtne by my primary care dr. because a dx code is not required for them. So for me NOTHING will be covered by the FFC not even prescription meds.
    If we switch ins to regular BX then we have high co pays for my whole family and we would have to pay a substantial part of the premiom. THis could potentially cost us more than the FFC and I would have to wait until 2007. And more and more insu companies are denying lab work etc done for CF and Fibro. This really sucks.
  8. mollystwin

    mollystwin New Member

    Thank you for your input. I'm torn at what to do. I read a huge article on the internet written by Ann Boroch who is a Naturopath and clinical hypnotherapit. She claims to have cured herself of MS by taking Nystatin for two years. She recommends diflucan for 8 days one pill every other day and then however many months of nystatin. She also agrees that herbal supplements can work, but recommends the pharmacueticals for the stubborn cases. Because she is a naturopath, and is very open to alternative therapy, I valued her opinion on this. I have such a nasty case, I'm almost to the point of not being able to work even my part time schedule, so I'm getting desparate.
    Still not sure what I will do, but will consider all the advice everyone has given.
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  9. hopeful4

    hopeful4 New Member

    I'm sorry that you are in such a predicament with your HMO and insurance coverage. When I was in good health, insurance coverage was important for me and my family, but we could handle everything with our regular doctors.

    With ill health, sometimes we have to go outside the box that medical coverage allows. Sometimes the care we need to get well is not found in the usual places. And, it costs. For many, this means that the help needed is out of reach.

    I find this so very troubling for us on this board, and many others around the country. Already stressed with poor health, many of us unable to work, finances dwindle, insurance may not even be an option. Just my rambling thoughts.

    I read your profile, and loved the photo, what a wonderful family! Please consider, if you haven't already, to get tested and screened for Lyme Disease. You say that your twin sister has it. Possibly you were both exposed. Many of us previously diagnosed with CFIDS/FM have now been diagnosed with Lyme Disease, and are receiving the treatment we needed all along.

    Best wishes to finding the answers you need,

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