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    Hi All,

    I went to the FFC to see Dr. Marti and get my blood work results on 9/21. I've been trying to get the energy to post the experience since then, but it isn't coming.

    What I will try to do is go over highlights (and lowlights) for you. If anyone has specific questions for me, just ask! Dr. gave me tons of information verbally and on paper about the different results, deficiencies, and hormone treatment.

    I'd had 37 vials of blood drawn on my first visit. The results can be summarized as:

    I'm pre-diabetic because of low HDL (good cholesterol), high glucose, high Hemoglobin A1c and very high insulin. Also my protein level is really low. She said I really need to focus on eating right. I mentioned I've been on strike from food preparation until my husband starts doing the dishes. I guess I'll need to rethink that one!

    I'm borderline anemic because my hematocrit is low and RDW (size of red blood cells) is high. That will be fixed with B12.

    My thyroid is low in T3 and reverse T3 is high. She prescribed Cytomel. A natural compound was also available, but at a much higher price.

    Cardio CRP (C-reactive protein)--normal is <.6 and I am at 3.1--this means there is inflammation that needs to be controlled. No treatment for now.

    Angiotensin Converting Enzyme (ACE) should be <35. I am at 63. This also indicates inflammation. No treatment for now.

    Several hormones are nearly depleted, but my Estrogen level is really high.

    Progesteron should be at least 10, mine is at .7--I will be receiving caps from the compounding pharmacy to take for this. I can either take it cyclically or daily. I will probably take daily. Supposed to prevent pms, protect heart and bone, anticancer, increases relaxation and calm, induces better sleep.

    IGF-I (Somatomedin-C) Growth Hormone. Should be >200. Mine is at 119. Have started on Gamma Grow. This is a vegetable product--no actual human growth hormone. Helps cells switch from relying on carbs to burning fat.

    Cortisol is slightly low, but no supplement as other hormones will also help here.

    Pregnenolone--Should be >130, mine is at 10! Will be taking 100mg Pregnenolone. It is a steroid precursor that helps the body produce other hormones. It should help with memory, clarifying thinking, concentration and hormone levels.

    No clotting issues.

    Testosterone--Should be >5 per doctor. Mine is at .7. Will be using Testoserone cream from compounding pharmacy. It increases libido, protects heart and arteries, decreases cholesterol, builds muscles and joints, protects organs, decreases osteoporosis, decreases excessive sweating, increases hair growht, increases stress functioning, activates insulin, increases appetite. I'm not so sure about that last item. I'm already retaining food like crazy.

    Immunoglobulin M--Should be around 200. Mine is 33. She will determine whether I need shots for this on the next visit in 3 weeks. Immune system is shot!! No big surprise here.

    NK Cell Activity (Natural Killer Cells) Range is 20-50 and mine is 8.70. Also reflects weak immune system. Will address next visit.

    RNASE-L Activity. I am in range. This is a general flag for viruses. In depth individual viruses are being tested for now with blood I left on 9/21.

    I had a B12 energy shot, but haven't felt much energy. I think the growth hormone pills are making me sleepy.

    I took home 15 pages of detailed blood results. Dr. Marti spent an hour with me going over each line item. She also gave me several handouts with more detail.

    The office visit was $325. The B12 shot, Pregnenolone (3 month supply) and Gamma Grow (1 month supply) were $40.95 for a total of $399.95. I haven't sent the paperwork to my insurance company yet for reimbursement, so I don't know how much they will pay. The labs were all covered except for 10% of customary and allowed amounts.

    My son is badgering me--4 year olds hate to be ignored. He is chanting, "Get my rootbeer right now or you're fired." If only I could draw unemployment. Got to go. Let me know if you have any questions.


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    I went to the Denver FFC. I'm glad to have had the bloodwork done, so I have some idea what's going on. That was what was really worth it for me.
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    I wish I had no fat to burn, but I do. Maybe that's why the difference? Maybe someone else can help?

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    " Get my root beer or your fired" .... LOL, how funny!

    Thanks for posting all your in depth experiences with the FFC. All of ya'll are very good at sharing .... and make them easy for us to read.

    I hope you start to feel better soon. I wonder, do they give you the option to take the HGH shots if indicated. ( Even though the high price) or do they go the supplement route only?

    Take care of yourself.

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    I can't remember if she offered the HGH, but it came up. Can you believe that? I can't remember. Good thing I took notes about some of it and they wrote the dosage on the sides of the bottles in Big Letters.

    I expect they would be perfectly happy using it if someone wanted it.

    Take care,

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    My IGF-1 (growth hormone) was 204 which is fine and my fibrinogen was 258 also fine.

    My Thrombotic marker panel (goo in blood vessels) was also <0.79 which is good.

    So now I'm attacking these infections and lymes and luckily looks like coagulation is not a problem.

    I've added garlic as it's good for antibiotic, antiviral and thins the blood to get the toxins out faster with my antibiotic regimen.

    My DHEA, pregenolone, progesterone, estrogen and thyroid readings have improved. Just found out through retesting!! That is good news.

    I'm taking so much. Just need a straight funnel to get all these pills down during the day.

    I don't seem to be herxing as bad the last few days! Let me knock on wood.

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    My 3 1/2 year old has a honing device that clicks on when I get on the computer or the phone!

    So happy to hear you are on the right track and getting answers! HAng in there, It may take 4 or even 6 months to really feel a big difference.

    I agree with Cindy maybe a funnel or a little door that opens in your stomach. The thing I absolutlely hat the most is swallowing the pills.

    Love to All Lynn
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    Thanks so much for your encouragement! I can handle waiting for the improvement. I've always said I want to live to be 110, so in the scheme of things, 4-6 months or longer, is ok with me. When I first was diagnosed and when I started on this board, I was seriously re-thinking my longevity goal. Now I have hope again!

    Wouldn't it be great if we could install those kinds of homing devices in ourselves to draw us to healthy choices?

    A woman at the pre-school coop told me that she keeps a few hard candies near the phone and when her child starts the harassment, she flings the candy to far places and has a minute or two to talk! Bait is good. Candy is bad, but losing your temper with a 3 or 4 year old is just plain crazy!


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    for your update, sorry your feeling crummy.
    I get my results in 2 weeks, it has taken me a week to recover from my first appt!

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    Thanks for the tip. I am gonna try the candy flinging today and report back to see if it works HA! Maybe we can pretend he is a circus dog. Yesterday he was a lion and or Spiderman all day. Everytime I called him the wrong thing he would get upset. NOOOO Mom I'm Spiderman. Grant is at Grandmothers house. (In exasperation like I was the biggest dunce! with hands on hips) I can barely keep things straight as it is!!! Lynn
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    Hi Lynn,

    Aren't they hilarious? We've decided Ian will be a politician someday. His strengths are debate and fabrication. He has a small herd of invisible mice that back up all his tall tales. All the mice are named Fuh-fuh. Go figure!

    Hope the bait works for you!