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  1. JPach007

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    Has anyone been to a FFC? I have seen so many different types of Dr's (MD, Internal Medicine, Sleep Dr, Chiro, Gyno)...
    I got real excited when I found a FFC opening up at the end of the month an hour away from me. Since then, I have been having 2nd thoughts...If so many other Drs cannot fix me, what makes me think by spending roughly $700 (not covered by good insurance)will help me?
    I dont want to go with a neg. attitude, but I dont want to get excited about it and then be disappointed...
    Any thoughts?
  2. browneyelady48

    browneyelady48 New Member

    Hi Jessica, If you do a search FFC you will get ALOT of information from members here. I havent been so I cant help you. But there is alot of people here that have gone.

    Love Brenda
  3. browneyes259

    browneyes259 New Member

    I first heard about the FFC centers about a month or two ago. At first I was extremely sceptical as so many doctors promise so much and you get your hopes up each time then get them curshed again. Usually while you pocketbook has shrunk significantly.

    Well, I came to this board for answers and it completely changed my attitude. So many people here are trying the FFC centers or are planning to and are so positive about the results they are having.

    I have heard nothing but good reports. That isn't to say that it is a quick thing or even that one person gets better at the same speed as another. I have heard some say they felt an immediate difference after their 1st visit. Others take a week, a month, a couple months. While it may not be ideal it's progress and I will take it any way I can get it.

    Had my first visit at the FFC in Dallas, TX yesterday. I immediately noticed a difference in my pain and fatigue levels. They aren't humongous(sp?) differences, but it was enough to give me a taste & HOPE! Hope for the first time in many, many years. That to me is priceless. A good thing there to since the treatment isn't cheap....LOL!
    But like I told my husband, I don't know how, but we'll figure the $$ out because I want my life back! I'm only 27!

    The only bad effect I had was a a bad headache which the LVN & RN both said is common after their Nutritional/Pain IV that I had.

    I haven't had enough energy to type extensive info. about my visit. I have been having trouble with my tendonitis in both thumbs again, in addition, so typing is interesting and takes forever.

    Will try to post a bunch of info this weekend. Maybe I can type a little at a time and cut an paste it to the board later. Just poops me out!

    Anyway, I hope this was encouraging to you. Again their are tons of posts if you search using 'FFC'. If you have any ???'s, don't hesitate to ask.

    Hoping your feeling better soon,
  4. ldbgcoleman

    ldbgcoleman New Member


    Please click on my profile and you can read posts on all of my FFC experiances. Also try wishingonastar, sarasmom, hopeful4 and sandyz. They have all gotten better. I have met many who are getting better at my appointments as well. Everyone here will be happy to answer any questions you have.

    There is no one size fits all treatment. They are very thorough and they figure out what is going on with you and treat you specifically. The treatment depends on what they find and how long you have been sick. They believe in getting to the root causes of your illness and treating those.

    Count on it taking 4 months to ayear and then maintaining for the rest of your life. The treatment requires a big commitment on your part. You will have to take supplements, possibly treat hypercoagulation with Heperin Injestions, change your diet and if you have FM try to start incorporating a little bit of physical activity.

    They will treat you like a partner in your treatment. You have a say so in everything you do. They will treat the symptoms like pain and sleep to get you relief in the short run while you are fixing your issues. You will be extensively tested and will get copies of everything and things will be thoruoghly explained to you.

    I have gotten much better. I started in early May and it took a good four months for me to see a major difference.

    I hope this helps!! Take Care Lynn

  5. rileyearl

    rileyearl New Member

    Hi Jessica,

    I'm going for visit #3 in Seattle. I'm happy so far with where they are going with my treatment.

    My first and second visits lasted an hour each at $325.

    I figure to get an hour with my regular doctor, I would need to go see him at least 6 times (10 minutes is about what I get with him--part of it usually spent with him standing by the door, ready to run to the next patient. Six visits with a $30 copay each time = $300. And he doesn't have either the knowledge or time to treat fm thoroughly.

    I've also called the FFC twice between appointments and spent time with the nurse, who called me back with the doc's advice the same day both times.

    If I feel as good as Lynn in less than a year, the FFC will be a bargain over the long run.

    Not many people have thought I was more logical that impulsive, but there's my input!

    Take care!

  6. hopeful4

    hopeful4 New Member

    I started going in March after five years of seeing this doctor and that doctor, without any real results. Five years of my life being ill is the biggest price of all to pay.

    If you would like to learn more about the FFCs, I suggest doing the searches that Lynn recommends. Also, just go to the center's website at fibroandfatigue, or google it Fibromyalgia and Fatigue Centers. There, you can read up on their philosophy and what kind of treatment they provide. Then, you can call their toll-free number and speak to someone who will answer your questions. They are very helpful.

    I was most impressed by the comprehensive testing offered, and the aggressive approach to treatment. The testing revealed underlying issues, imbalances, and deficiencies that were never before identified. With that knowledge, treatment is available. It requires perserverance, commitment, courage at times, support (you can get that here!), observing what changes occur (positive or negative), working together with the Dr., and yes, $$.

    Although I am not yet feeling better or functioning much better, I anticipate that I will be. The Dr. told me that in my case she believed it would take about a year. I have had glimmers of improvement with an IV that they formerly used, but unfortunately have discontinued. I'm killing off candida which has robbed me of my health. I'm balancing my thyroid, which had previously not been identified as underfunctioning. I'm eating wonderful, enjoyable, healthy, life-giving foods. I'm sleeping through the night.

    If you do the FFC search here, or the names who have gone, you will find out more specifically about the testing, the costs, and people's experience.

    Wishing you well,
  7. Leenerbups

    Leenerbups New Member

    ANyone been to the centers in Pennsylania?
  8. browneyes259

    browneyes259 New Member

    Thanks for the tip. I will definitely bring that up at my next visit.

    Appreciate it!
  9. Shannonsparkles

    Shannonsparkles New Member

    On the FFC website is the phone number for their toll-free information hotline. They can answer most any question. Ask them to mail you the information parkage, no charge. It explains their approach to treatment.

    E-mail the doctor of the FFC you are thinking of going to. (The e-mail address should be on the site.) He or she can answer any questions you have.

    I'm gathering informaton myself now. I e-mailed Paulette (the patient information coordinator) and Dr. Marti of the Seattle FFC. Their replies were speedy and complete. :)

    I can understand needing to be very sure this is a good thing before commiting!!! Here are the stats Dr. Marti gave me: FFC gets 90% of their patients AT LEAST 50% better. So this is not the 'one big answer' to our life's problems - but think what you can do with that 50%. It's that much more energy to find the other 50% of the solution. Or at least be more comfortable.

    There's so much information out there for you. Don't jump until you're very sure. :) ((hugs)) for Jessica
  10. ldbgcoleman

    ldbgcoleman New Member

    I want to add something to what Shannonsparkles said. I always get a speedy call back with answers to my questions. If I feel I need to talk with DR B she calls me back pretty quickly.

    When it come to the success rate. I asked the same thing and got the same answer. I asked what can I do to make sure I am part of the 90%. I have asked the nurse and Dr B and Freda who schedules and checks you out. They all told me the same thing. The people who get better are the ones who follow the protocol. The people who are committed and do the things they need to do to get better. That means your diet and excersise if they tell you to. You have to do this and work on your stress levels and attitude. It is a whole body thing.

    Good Luck with everything Lynn

  11. auntyemnga

    auntyemnga New Member

    Lynn, I just started going to the ATL FFC last week. I've already taken 2 IV nutritionals. Needless to say after 20 years I'm driven to get better. What part or area do you live? Freda mentioned there are several patients from my area. Unfortunately, she's unable to give me names but she told me about these boards and thought I might be able to find some of them. I'm on the east side (I didn't think I should mention the exact town. I'm new to boards and I don't know if people do that.)
  12. ldbgcoleman

    ldbgcoleman New Member

    Hi Auntyem welcome to the board!

    I live very close to the center in East Cobb. Karatelady52 lives in Gainesville. We actually met for luch when she had her appt. and it was terrific. I have met people from all over while having IV's there. There are several of us here. Glad you are seeking help. I really love everyone at the center. They have been very responsive to me.

    You can tell which city you are in I think thats OK. If you have any questions please post to me or ask any of the FFC people. Just put FFC in your title and you will get responses! I hope you enjoy the boards. Lynn

    PS I read your bio and you have been through so much! There is another young man I met there who was a firefighter and he had a brain tumor and then got FM. I think a dieseas that weakens your immune system triggers this stuff!

    LEFTYGG Member

    I live in Cincinnati so Atlanta or cleveland are ones I WOULD GO TO. I THINK ill go to atlanta since its warmer.

  14. wishingonastar

    wishingonastar New Member

    Dear Jessica,

    I have been going to the FFC in Cleveland since December of 2004. Please read my prior posts which all detail my experiences, treatements and costs.

    I have felt it has bee worth every penny and believe that Dr. Juguilon is the most qualified physician I have ever worked with. She is truly a partner in your health and modifies the FFC protocols to meet your individual needs.

    I have gone from completely bedridden to back to work full time and back to work as a single mom full time and am managing it well. We even just got a new puppy! I'd say I'm back to 98% (with some residual sleep problems) and want to continue to work on building capacity --physical capacity, immune enhancement, and emotional resiliency. THis is a tough illness to deal with on so many levels that I think the right "treatment response" has to be relational --you,your body, your spirutuality, your professional supports. In my case, it took a while to get the right mix, but I think it's working now!

    Best of luck to you on your journey!


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