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    I would suggest anyone going to their first two big appts at any FFC - TAKE A TAPE RECORDER. I really wished I had taped my appts. Maybe not so much for the first appt, but definitely the second appt where they interpret your blood test results. There was so much info that I would have loved to listen to it again (and again). FFC recommends you bring a loved one with you to help listen what with the fibro fog and all, but my husband couldn't make the appts. You might want to clear this with FFC first, but I can't imagine that they would say no. Do other FFC patients agree with this?

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    Actually I wanted to bring my Mom because she is the best listener and thinks of all the great questions! She was out of town and I brought my DH. It was great because he really understands what I am doing now. I also took notes and made her go over things slowly and give me copies of everything!

    They are very good about taking and returning phone calls. I have never had a Dr call me back so quickly! Lynn
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    I would also suggest you call them a few days before your second appt and ask them to fax your blood test results to you (They would probably snail mail them, too). I asked them to do that and they were happy to do it. It gave me time to look over the results and be able to ask more intelligent questions. The heads up really helped.