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  1. zoemurr

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    I am going to Cleveland on Monday. I know this is going to cost me a fortune, and we're prepared for that. Anyway, there was a post awhile back about some supplements costing a lot less elsewhere. Are there any specific ones I should not purchase from the FFC? How long should I expect to be there? My appt is at 10 and I can't eat before.. I'm guessing I'm going to pass out by the time we leave. Looking forward to it for the most part, but nervous as well.
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    I would buy undenatured whey here and I would buy From fatigued to fantastic off the web. However, their mitochondria ignite with nT is unique, there is not another product, that I could find, like it. You would have to buy two or three and combine them and that would be expensive.

  3. intrigue

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    Best just to do a search for each of your supplements on your favorite search engine. I've only found a couple I can get elsewhere cheaper. You can also buy a few of them here (at prohealth) also.

    Good luck!
  4. zoemurr

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    Ellen, Thanks, I was interested to know which ones you found cheaper so I will know not to buy them when I am there. I know I might not need the same ones, but thought I would bring a list.
  5. intrigue

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    I found jarodophilus and maitake mushroom at luckyvitamin substantially cheaper.

  6. TwinMa

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    I have taped two of my appointments, and I was very glad I did! I didn't tape the first one and I think that was okay. It was kind of general type information. But if you have a tape recorder, I'd still tape it. (I just hadn't bought my recorder yet)

    But DEFINITELY tape the 2nd appt. That is where they go over your lab results.

    I bought a digital Olympus recorder, and it was a very good investment. I can even put the recording onto my computer! You get so much more out of an appt when you can listen to it a 2nd (and 3rd) time!
  7. laf5307

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    I have found many of their supplements to be more expensive then doing a search on the internet and buying them elsewhere. Mitomax NT is probably the only one I will still buy from them. Nothing else comes close to that product and it really helps my energy level. Prohealth is a great site for many supplements. I go to the Cleveland FFC and they are very helpful there. I liked the suggestion of taping your conversations with the doc. You can also request a copy of your blood work after your second visit. Good luck.
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    My impression is that the supplements are ordered for your specific problem and that is assessed by the doctor during your first appointment.

    I decided I would buy that first amount because how else would I know what the contents are of each one and what the doctor feels I need?

    The main consideration when buying them elsewhere is to be very sure they will be of equal quality. If they aren't then they aren't cheaper.

    If you will be getting an IV at your first visit, they will give you food and juice. They will not give you the IV without you having eaten first.

    If you are getting the IV, then expect to be there 2-3 hours.

    Bless you and have a good experience. Maybe I'll even see you there sometime!


    P.S. I have a bottle (from FFC) of 400 mg CoQ10 (60 gels) for which I paid $125. I've taken fewer than 10 and I absolutely can NOT take them. I would gladly sell them at a great reduction rather than see them go to waste. LOL!

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    This repeats what others have posted, but I opted for buying the first set of supplements from FFC and then finding MUCH less expensive sources from the net on what they recommended.
    I am excited for you, let us know how your appmt goes!
  10. zoemurr

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    I knew that there were some things that were recommended to many people, and that I would benefit from your research. :) I will probably buy most things there, but will consider the things you've mentioned if they end up on my list. I just hate paying more $ for things if I don't have to. :)